Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom

Plants That Thrive In Bathroom

The beauty of greenery is that it can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and scents. For every special occasion there is a bouquet of flowers. For every windowsill there is a potted plant. The opportunities to fill your environment with flora and fauna are endless.

One room that has often been overlooked when adding foliage is the bathroom. However, as the indoor plant trend continues, the restroom is becoming a hotspot. Not only do they provide extra depth and attraction to the room, but plants also have a range of health properties that make them a beneficial addition to your lavatory. Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom-

Added Plant Benefits

Plants are living, breathing organisms. Yes, they require care and maintenance, but they offer plenty of benefits in return. Just the calming presence of greenery is known to improve memory, attention span and concentration. Cultivating plants can boost positivity and soothe stress, along with these other advantages.

  • Purify the air quality — Common house plants can remove pollutants in the air through natural processes. Adding more of them to your space creates a natural filtration system as they photosynthesize and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Increase personal energy — Being in nature can improve your mood by increasing positive energy and decreasing stress and anxiety. Greenery can induce a naturally optimistic outlook on life, which can enhance vitality and give you more energy.
  • Improve mental health — Those who spend more time in nature are more likely to have a positive outlook on life, which can affect your overall mental health. Adding ornamental horticulture to the bathroom is also known to cultivate feelings of compassion, as people who care for their plants are more likely to care for others.
  • Faster recovery process — Doctors sometimes prescribe horticulture therapy, which is when patients care for and nurture plants. This can speed up medical procedure recovery times.
  • Natural remedies — Many plants, such as aloe vera, contain medicinal and healing properties that can replace some of the chemicals and over-the-counter products in your medicine cabinet.

Keeping Plants in the Bathroom

One factor influencing a plant’s development is the layout of the bathroom. It may seem like an odd place to flex your green thumb at first, but certain features of a restroom are perfect for growing botanicals.

Successfully positioning the plants can depend on the availability of space. Next to the tub, on the counter or shelf, beside the sink, on top of the toilet tank or hanging from the shower rod are all recommended places to arrange some greenery.

Due to the steam from a shower or bath, restrooms retain a lot of humidity that is ideal for some tropical plants, as the environment mimics a rain forest. The high level of water in the air prevents having to actively water your leafy friends every day. This can be helpful if you don’t naturally have a green thumb.

Another perk of keeping indoor flora in the bathroom is the amount of light. Some washrooms have a vast amount of natural light, while others have none at all. All plants need at least some light to grow because they conduct photosynthesis. However, they don’t all require the same amount of sunlight. There are alternatives to encourage healthy plant life even with a lack of windows.

Questions to Ask Before You Go Green

There are a few things to check off the list if you want to add greenery to the washroom. The environment has a lot to do with the survival of the plant, so make sure you don’t bark up the wrong tree.

  • Can they handle the humidity? Research which plants can thrive in areas of high humidity. Moisture can sit on leaves after the faucet has been turned off, so make sure the plant can handle any extra dampness.
  • Exactly how much light do they need? Ideally, the bathroom should have natural light to ensure optimal plant health. If not, a fluorescent growth light can do the trick.
  • Which spot is just right? As is the case with any plant, overwatering can do plenty of damage. When choosing the right location for your greenery, pick somewhere that isn’t directly hit by water, such as a shelf or hanging from the shower rod.
  • Where should they live? Be aware of the different planters available and what they do for their inhabitants. Drainage holes are helpful to prevent drowning and increase air flow through the roots.
  • How much maintenance do they need? Consider low-maintenance greenery that thrive in rain forest settings. Air plants, also known as bromeliads, and succulents do well in humid, low-light environments.

Plants are a great addition to any part of the house or yard. Their benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Knowing which ones will thrive in your bathroom and how to properly care for them will brighten up the space and keep your buds happy. For more ideas on which greenery grows best in the bathroom, check out our accompanying graphic.

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.


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