How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

So, you’ve met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now it’s time to consider what type of engagement ring to buy for your significant other. The types of rings vary widely, and the one that you select should be chosen with care to reflect the unique personality of the person who will be wearing it. 

Determine Your Budget

Before you begin shopping for a ring, you should decide on a budget. Plan carefully to determine how much you are able and willing to spend. You want to be able to purchase a ring that your partner will love, but you shouldn’t pay more than you can afford and create a financial burden on yourself. 

Find the Right Size

Once you have a budget in mind, you are ready to start shopping for that perfect ring. Don’t guess at the ring size. You should figure out the correct size so you purchase a ring that will fit. When in doubt, go with a larger size since it’s easier to size down if any adjustments are needed.

You can keep the engagement ring a surprise, and buy the right size, by borrowing a ring from your partner that is worn on the correct finger. This can be taken to the jeweler for comparison. If this isn’t an option, you can make a paper ring sizer to size your partner’s jewelry. Templates are available to print online so this is an easy solution. 

Pick a Style

The style of the ring that you buy is another important consideration. To get an idea of what your partner may like, pay attention to any comments that she makes regarding other people’s rings, or jewelry that she likes when you are out shopping together. Another option is to ask her friends and family for advice since they will usually have a good idea of what her tastes are.

Rings come in all different styles. You can even design the perfect ring yourself by working with a jeweler to make your vision come to life. If you want to begin by browsing engagement ring styles online, offers an extensive line of engagement rings to browse through, visit them here.

Some of the most popular  are the classic solitaire engagement ring. This style features a single diamond that is the focus of the ring. A cluster ring has several diamonds, usually of various sizes, clustered together to make up the setting. Another popular engagement ring style is a halo. This ring features a solitaire diamond that is encircled by a ring of small diamonds. A halo setting can be used on different diamond cuts. 

Finally, you may want to consider if you want the engagement ring and wedding band to match each other, or even fit together as a set.

Choose a Color

The color of the engagement ring band should be chosen to match your partner’s preferences. Take a look at what her other jewelry looks like. Most likely, she favors jewelry that is either gold or silver. You should choose a band in a color that matches her existing jewelry so you know she will like it.

If your partner frequently wears gold jewelry, then a traditional yellow gold band might be the best option. If her jewelry is mostly silver colored, you may want to consider a white gold or a platinum band, since silver is too soft to be used in an engagement ring setting.  

Select the Cut

Finally, you need to choose the main feature of the ring, which is the diamond itself. Diamonds come in many different shapes, called cuts. The most popular cut for a diamond is round, closely followed by a square princess cut. A cushion cut or radiant cut diamond is similar, in that they are roughly shaped like a square or rectangle, but with rounded or squared-off edges. In recent years, more shapes have become more readily available. Other frequently chosen cuts of diamonds are oval, pear, and marquee. The cut that you choose should reflect the personality of your significant other.

Selecting an engagement ring is a big decision. Take your time to find the perfect one. If you choose an engagement ring with care, your partner is sure to love it and appreciate the effort.


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