Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas With Hobby Lobby

Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas

For those seeking to forge a deeper connection with their humble abodes and looking for useful ways to while away their hours during quarantine—or anyone simply interested in kitting out their homes— then make use of these Hobby Lobby products and our ideas to make every minute indoors more productive (and gratifying!). If you’re coming to blows with storage space or organization, or maybe you just want to amp up the design and overall look of your lackluster apartment that needs upgrading, then try your hand at some of our favorite, easy DIYs to give your pad a newfangled upgrade. These handcrafted home decor ideas will come handy while you’re stuck inside for some period of time and just need something creative to do. The upside of being holed up is that you’ve got free time in spades, so why not just make a gallery wall out of the blank wall that has been staring back at you and begging your attention since forever. These DIY home décor ideas are trending and these simple and easy decorating projects will not burn a hole in your pockets, but a little creativity can make your home refreshing and interesting. To nix the legwork, we have put together a smart collection of handcrafted home decoration ideas for you, which are borderline genius! Also, to score some extra effort and money, make a beeline for retail giants like Hobby Lobby to buy some pocket-friendly products through which you can also avail extra discounts using exclusive Hobby Lobby coupons and promo codes.

Revamp Your Living Spaces With These DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Nautical Vase

Material Required: Natural Jute Twine, Ceramic/Glass Vase, Hot Glue

If your interior needs just a little polish or a chic touch, opt for a Nautical Vase. All you need is a jute twine rope and no sorcery! Turn your cheap vase into an aesthetic statement piece with a jute rope. It’s as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is simply hot-glue jute rope around a ceramic or glass vase for a beach-ready look. All the material that is required can be availed from Hobby Lobby.

2. Chic Cabinet Tray

Material Required: Paint (color of your choice), pair of drawer pulls, waste cabinet door, sandpaper, wood filler, screws

With Hobby Lobby’s line of home decor products, a pair of drawer pulls and a salvaged cabinet door, you can fashion a makeshift cheese board or TV dinner tray. All you have to do is fill the holes in the board with wood filler and let it sit to dry it out completely. Sand and paint the surface, pre-drill holes, and screw in the pair of the drawer pull. Voila! A fancy cabinet tray is ready to serve you the meals.

3. Blanket Ladder

Material Required: A ladder, a plain blanket, pom poms

Is your living room even cozy unless it has at least three fuzzy throws? To make your living space a stress free sanctuary, all you need is a ladder and a blanket. Hobby Lobby houses some amazing range of both. Start off by dressing up a plain blanket by attaching colorful or solid-colored pom-poms to it. Then hand the fuzzy throw on the ladder in a chic way.

4. Book Side Table

Material Required: Dowels, books, box frame, nails, driller

The time has come to put your dusty books and encyclopedias to good use with this side table. All you have to do is cut the trim to form a box frame that fits perfectly around one book, Now nail the frame to the tabletop’s underside, and finish off by painting the top. Then, drill a hole the size of a dowel through each book’s center and add glue dowel to the center of the table’s underside. Now all that is left is stacking books, lining up holes, and twisting. Lastly, skewer the dowel through the holes to attach the tabletop. Phew! A class antique book side table is ready.

5. Cork Lamp

Material Required: Cork roll, table lamp, hot glue

In this easy-to-follow craft, all you have to do is trim a length of cork roll to the height and circumference of the lamp. Now, notch a small hole in the back for the cord to poke through, if needed. Then slowly peel off the backing of cork and attach, smoothing it down and around with your hands. Cut out a circle for the base’s top and attach it with hot glue. Boom! Your cork lamp is ready. Hobby Lobby has a variety of cork rolls and table lamps. Do check them out and avail huge bargains on your purchases.

6. Pom Pom Trim

Material Required: Pom Poms

Add a dash of luxe to your old curtains or pillows with new fringes. Make use of Hobby Lobby’s exquisite range of pom poms to accentuate the look of your curtains or decoration fabrics by stitching pom poms to them.

7. Pillow Pockets

Material Required: Old jeans, pillow covers, scissors and glue

Tired of losing the remote every now and then? Now make yourself a no-sew pillow pocket which will keep your remote or clicker safe. For starters, cut a pocket from an old pair of jeans (men’s work best). Then paste the jean pocket on the pillow cover. To buy the ultramodern or chic patterned pillow covers, make a beeline for Hobby Lobby. Now, put the cover back on the pillow and cozy up for a movie marathon.

8. Ruffle Accent Lamp

Material Required: Linen Fabric, hot glue, and an old lamp

Start off by buying a linen fabric from Hobby Lobby for the retailer houses some of the best fabrics in the world. Now cut out petal-like shapes from the fabric and start gluing them to the lamp in a way that gives the lamp a ruffled accent. Voila! Your Anthropologie-inspired décor is ready.

Your house is your space where and you have the liberty to create. It’s a place that reflects your personal style. Whether you want to give you a relaxing vibe or turn it into a stress-free sanctuary, Hobby Lobby will always be there to endow you with all the necessary pieces of equipment.


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