10 Interesting Pinterest Alternatives Worth Checking Out

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Pinterest is a website that lets you to browse pictures you like, follow the categories you prefer, and bookmark the images that you like most into a folder. This fun exercise is addictive, and you are likely to spend as much time as you spend on MGM Online Casino on Pinterest browsing and pinning photos.

However, Pinterest is not the only site that offers this service. There are several options available that offer similar experiences. In this article, we discuss ten interesting Pinterest alternatives that are worth checking out.


Juxtapost is ranked the second most popular platform. It offers the same experience of browsing, viewing, and sharing pictures and eventually gathering ideas.

The site’s initial offer is similar to that of Pinterest, but it has a “More Like This” button. This button displays more ideas for you that are similar to the one you have been browsing.

You can also browse more without leaving the page you started on. Moreover, you can save your bookmarked images in a spreadsheet.


Mamby, apart from offering everything Pinterest offers, has an advanced algorithm that shows you content based on your interests.

The moment you start browsing, the AI algorithm will learn your habits and display related images and videos. You will be rewarded with cryptocurrency if you post your videos and images.

This is the only social platform that rewards its users with Bitcoin for the number of likes and views they have on their posts. So, if you have interests in Bitcoin mining, it offers you a unique opportunity.


This is an alternative site to Pinterest that is focused on foodies. If you like food and find pleasure in looking at it, you will enjoy browsing through this site.

This is a social site that is dedicated to sharing and viewing pictures of food. You can share your dishes here for others to see as well as view other people’s food ideas.

The site is curated; therefore, before anything you share is posted, it has to go through the editor’s desk.

We Heart It

This is the teen version of Pinterest. The users of the site are mainly young, teen, and college girls. This target audience has helped to skyrocket the popularity of the website.

It has a substantial following, but compared to Pinterest, it lacks the pinning option. It does not have a like button; instead, it has a love button that allows users to express their feelings about the pictures they see.

The site has an additional feature, the “Heart Button” that you can install. This allows you to submit images you find online on your feed on the site.


This site can be referred to as the Pinterest for designers. This is the best platform for designers to share their ideas or get ideas from other designers.

The site allows you to concentrate on specific things that are relevant to your field of work. Any pictures that are likely to distract you while browsing are filtered out.

You will enjoy dynamic search capabilities, and the site allows you to save your favorite items to your collection. You can access the items in your collection later when you return to the website.


Dribble is also a designer leaning platform. It acts as a meeting point for designers from different fields, including digital designers, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Designers can use this platform to showcase their work and get feedback from professionals and peers. They can also browse the platform for ideas.

You can tailor your search by filtering it based on color, projects, or various other things. You can also follow your favorite designer and get a full insight into their work.


Dudepin is a Pinterest alternative for men of good taste and know what they want. You will not find pictures of guns, naked women, and stupid memes.

On the contrary, this is a sophisticated site that attracts men that live a particular lifestyle. This is the space for men who enjoy expensive things and quality. If you are looking for a place to learn everything a man needs, then Dudepins is your site.


This is the Pinterest for alcohol. But, it is not the space for you to post pictures of you and your friends being drunk.

On this platform, you can share your drink ideas and recipes of drinks you have tried. You can also browse other people’s drink ideas.

It is not as social as Pinterest; however, you will be able to browse pictures of drinks and get new ideas you can try.


If you like fancy and cool stuff, then this is your space. The site is neatly and nicely done and exhibits fine taste.

You can browse and pin your favorite cool things with ease. The site also guides you to places you can find the cool things you have pinned.

Apart from being a social platform, Fancy also acts as a market place since it provides links to where you can buy listed items.


Piccsy offers most things offered by Pinterest. You can experience the same functionality as you look for creative, inspiring, and beautiful art images.

Piccsy has a reputation of having high-quality content from a user base that boasts exceptional taste.

If you find art to be inspirational, this is your site. Furthermore, you don’t need to sign up to start browsing.

Image Credit: forbes.com


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