What Should I Wear to a Lingerie Party?


Themed parties have been around for decades, with lingerie parties considered a particularly popular theme. While boxers or a robe are the most common attire for men, women have more options available to them when it comes to dressing sexy. Most of these parties take place at a house party or a club, with attendees encouraged to dress for the occasion. Regardless of gender and whether you plan to dress conservatively or liberally, choosing what to wear can be an overwhelming task.  

What is a Lingerie Party?

There are two main types of lingerie parties. The first involves throwing a party to expose your guests to lingerie, where the host may or may not make some money in the process. These parties are also referred to as personal selling based lingerie parties. 

Personal selling-based lingerie parties can also be social events where products are displayed to guests, after which they are allowed to place orders. Although these parties used to be held in lingerie stores, they have become popular as home parties partly due to the private settings and relaxed atmospheres that homes present. In the past, the lingerie parties were held for special occasions such as birthdays and bridal showers, with women making for a majority of the customers. Today, men and couples are also invited to some of these events. Guests at the party will try on and purchase the lingerie they like as well as play games, enjoy food and drinks, and engage in conversation. The sales consultant or host could also give out prizes and favors based on the specific criteria they set. 

The second type of lingerie party is more like a get-together that you organize to bond with your girlfriends while allowing them to celebrate and flaunt their bodies in a safe environment. These lingerie parties can also be in the form of either a bridal shower or a girls’ night sleepover and are also known as lingerie showers.

Lingerie showers also include parties where guests shower a bride-to-be with gifts in the form of lingerie. The invited guests will also wear lingerie, with entertainment making the party more fun. Some of these lingerie parties have a meaning to them, allowing attendees to buy the bride a variety of fun gifts. It is important to note that lingerie parties are not about just lingerie. However, wearing lingerie can go a long way in ensuring that guests are relaxed and comfortable. Parties with a clear theme make it easier for guests to choose what to wear and bring. They will also know what to expect during the party.

Generally, there are no hard and fast rules relating to lingerie parties. As such, any variation of these two types will work out depending on your goals.

What Should I Wear to One?

With the many options available, deciding what to wear to a lingerie party can be tough. No matter the type of lingerie party you will be attending, you will want to come across as fun and accessible. As such, it is essential to choose an outfit that complements your personal style.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right clothes for a lingerie party: 

Flaunt Your Body

Go over your present wardrobe to find outfits that will help you show off the contours of your body. Once you have your bra or foundation garment on, you should wear your clothes over the lingerie to find out if you like how its lines show under your clothes. Take time to decide whether you feel comfortable and confident in the outfit. Feeling comfortable and confident is particularly important if you are looking to attend a girls’ night out or a sleepover.

Consider Separates

Lingerie parties that are set to expose guests to lingerie allow attendees to try on the undergarments. If you are going for such a party, you should consider wearing separates that will make it easy for you to try on a new piece. Separates could be a top and a pair of slacks that will let you remove just the necessary articles of clothing when you want to see what the undergarment looks like. In the end, you will be able to pick and buy the lingerie that works for you.

Skip Complicated Buttons

Make sure that the outfit you choose does not have complicated buttons. Avoiding clothes with too many buttons will allow you to remove your clothing with ease when choosing the lingerie that looks good on you. Regardless of the type of lingerie party you are attending, guests may end up playing games or engaging in fun activities, a factor that makes it necessary to choose clothes that you can remove easily to achieve greater comfort. One of the options you may want to consider is a knitted shirt or plain sweater paired with jeans.

Remember the Accessories

As much as you will be going for a simple and classy look, you should not forget accessories that help you to express yourself. Go flashy with shoes, especially the ones that would go well with bedroom wear or street clothes, making sure that they let your unique personality shine. When it comes to jewelry, feel free to go bold without being flashy. In addition to making a statement with strong colors and eye-catching jewelry, you should also remember to wear the right makeup.

Wear What is Comfortable for You

When it comes to lingerie parties, no rule states you should wear a bra and panties alone. Depending on your unique style and comfort level, there is a broad range of options that you can explore. With a little fashion inspiration, you will be ready to have a great time with your best girlfriends.

Attending a lingerie party is not only an opportunity to learn and interact with people but also a great way to have fun. Whether you will be attending the party as singles or as a couple, you should pick the right outfits for the event. Pizzaz Lingerie stocks and sells a wide range of lingerie to allow you to celebrate your body, as well as various adult toys including vibrators for women. Visit our online or physical store to get an idea of the products we have for you.



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