What is the Difference Between a Kitchen Update and a Remodel?


Planning on changing the look of your kitchen? Many homeowners like to keep their kitchens looking fun and interesting. But what do you need? An update or a home remodel?

What changes occur when you update your kitchen? What about a  remodel? Which kind of changing process do you need more?

Even though these terms are often used to describe each other, it helps to differentiate them. It’s time to step up with vocabulary and learn their meanings. Below we explain what a remodel is and what an update is all about.

Knowing Which One Is Which: Updating and Remodeling

There are room additions Los Angeles companies that can help with home projects. Before you ask them to do anything, you need to understand what you want. 

An update is not the same as a remodel all the time. Sometimes you mean one thing but is saying the wrong term. This can confuse home remodel contractors and you don’t want that to happen.

  • Updating Your Kitchen 

This means that you want to refresh and revive your kitchen. What if your kitchen doesn’t function as well as it did anymore. If there is an addition to the members of your family, you might want to update your kitchen.

This would include making it look like it’s something new again. You’re getting rid of the old furnishings and adding in the new to accommodate a new situation. Updating is repairing something that needs changing up or fixing.

  • Remodeling Your Kitchen

When you want to remodel your kitchen, you are changing its structure. You are not reviving or fixing any problems. You are transforming your kitchen into something that it wasn’t before. Things like the style, layout, and the structure of the room is being changed as a whole.

Remodeling can include combining one room with another. You might want to merge your kitchen and your living room to create a whole new space. This is a remodel and not an update. When you’re adding things like an island for cooking, you are remodeling your kitchen.

Which Is More Expensive?

Since remodeling is changing an entire room, it will cost higher. Updates can be small and unnoticeable. Remodeling is something grand and new. You will be installing different things in remodeling. This involves buying unique furnishings and so on.

Weigh your options and your budget. Go for the process that gives you the most advantage. Plan ahead before you call any contractor. If you want, you can also ask contractors for quotes on each kind of project.


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