7 Fun and Fantastic Gifts for Gardeners

Fun and Fantastic Gifts

Gardening has been on the rise recently. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, more and more people are starting vegetable gardens! If you have a gardener friend, you could really make their day by giving them a gardening related gift.

Here are seven great gifts for gardeners.

  1. Garden Markers

Garden markers are a great little accent to any garden.

They’re little signs that go into the dirt next to your plants to signify what you’re planting where. These are really adorable and show others what you’re planting when they visit your garden.

You can get these in all sorts of cute designs and shapes. Try visiting Etsy for some really unique markers!

  1. Hummingbird Garden Kit

Hummingbirds are the best visitors any gardener can wish for. Not only are they beautiful, but they help pollinate your plants!

Buy the gardener in your life a hummingbird kit to attract more of these helpful visitors. These kits include flowers that hummingbirds simply can’t resist.

  1. Harvest Basket

If you know someone with a vegetable garden, consider a nice harvest basket.

You can go wicker, or go for a more refined wire mesh and wood basket. A good harvest basket will be spacious and have a sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry. It’ll also be strong enough to carry the full weight of your vegetables.

  1. Claw Garden Gloves

Every gardener needs a good pair of gloves, and claw-equipped gloves are among the best.

They’re just as reliable as any other gardening glove, only with pointed tips on the fingers. These claws help you dig into the dirt without ever having to pick up a trowel. It’s a real time saver, and one of the most unique gifts for gardeners out there.

  1. Wheelbarrow Organizer

It can be hard to keep all your gardening tools organized. A wheelbarrow organizer like the one from Little Burro will do wonders for the more disorganized gardener.

This organizer hooks right over your wheelbarrow. It has plenty of slots for all your tools and seeds.

Most importantly, it doesn’t block access to the main wheelbarrow compartment. You can still haul dirt and debris without detaching the organizer.

  1. Mushroom Log

A mushroom log makes it easy for any gardener to start growing mushrooms.

These logs are pre-inoculated with mushroom spores. All the gardener has to do is set it up in an ideal spot and watch them grow. Then they can harvest the mushrooms and get eating!

  1. Gardeners Lotion

There are a lot of hand creams and lotions out there made specifically for gardeners. These work to soften and relax your hands after a long day of working the soil.

Whether it’s from True Botanicals or Crabtree & Evelyn, your gardener friend will appreciate it.

Buying Gifts for Gardeners

The seven items above are just the tip of the trowel when it comes to gifts for gardeners. If these don’t float your boat, try a high-quality watering can, a birdhouse, or some seed packets. As long as it makes the garden more beautiful, or the process more simple, you can’t go wrong.

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