Everything You Need to Know About Insulated Metal Panels-IMP


For houses and buildings to last longer, these structures need solutions that will help prolong their lifespan, integrity and appearance while at the same time, adding value to it. 

If you are a contractor, you have that responsibility to provide the best and the most innovative solutions to your clients. You also need to consider cost-effective but reliable products for those projects. 

For building warehouses, factories or any commercial structure’s walls or roofs, you can recommend adding IMP or insulated metal panels. Read more about the advantages these parts can bring to a building. 

What are Insulated Metal Panels?

Insulated metal panels, or IMPs for short, are pieces that are usually mounted on the exteriors or a building for a solid thermal covering. It is commended for its effective thermal bridging reduction capabilities.

Insulated metal panels were created due to the demand for structures with sustainable designs. IMPs by far are considered to be the most thermally-efficient, lightweight and reasonably-priced substitute for procedures like masonry and tilt walling. 

These panels have a double-tongue and groove plus the highest R-value level per inch compared to other insulation materials. IMPs are also made from white, galvanized and stainless-steel materials which are approved by the USDA thus they are recommended for food processing plants. 

The Advantages of Insulated Metal Panels

IMPs do a world of good not only for building owners, but contractors, too. Here are some of its major benefits. 

  • Sturdy, hard-wearing and require low maintenance

These metal panels are crafted from heavy-duty materials which makes them formidable and unbending. The panels pass compression, shear and tensile strength tests often due to its construction and material. 

The material IMPs are made from are also used to create roof and metal wall panels thus they are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, sunlight exposure, dirt and debris. IMPs can also be quantified to suit stipulations needed to tolerate strong winds, hail and other related factors. 

  • Great at energy conservation and insulation

IMPs have been evaluated to pass or even exceed not only construction code requirements but energy conservation tests as well. It is available in varying thicknesses from 2-6 inches plus matching R-values from R-14-46 so design professionals can choose which thickness suits the energy performance needed in a specific establishment or structure. 

  • Cost-effective construction

Contractors and design professionals can save up on surplus construction products and parts and just rely on insulated metal panels. IMPs make for a relatively quick installation—it allows contractors to install the unit throughout roofs and walls with just a single job. This is due to the presence of hidden fasteners in the panels’ side joint. This translates to significant savings in labor expenses. 

  • Better design versatility

IMPs are available in many varieties which can suit rough or flat wall and roof surfaces. Insulated metal panels are also easier to fit in building designs since they are strong and have better load-bearing abilities and spanning. IMPs are also available in many profiles, detailing, textures and colors that can complement any style or design. 

  • Environment-friendly and sustainable 

IMPs are usually crafted with a minimum of 30 percent recycled steel. It has high levels of R values as well which makes it a better choice for insulation. IMPs are also 100 percent reusable and recyclable so you can indeed make the most out of these components. In addition, its closed-cell insulation feature is moisture-resistant and will not encourage mold growth. 

  • Fire-resistant construction fix

For building projects that require 1-5 fire resistance ratings, composite insulated metal panels are the answer. This is due to the fact that IMPs make use of non-structural mineral wool insulation to pass and exceed fire rating tests. 

  • Easier installation

IMPs can function as the finished surface of a wall, thus it can give needed air, thermal, weather and vapor obstructions for exterior walling. It can take the place of many individual construction solutions thus the need to do several procedures to finish a project is drastically cut down. 

Make your clients discover the advantage of insulated metal panels, an innovation in construction technology. The advantages it brings is not only a boon for the establishment owner, but the contractor and construction team as well. 


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