Tips for Extending the Life of Your Mattress

Extending the Life

Our mattress is one of the more expensive items in our homes, but also one of the most vital. As such, we need to take steps to extend the life of these products so they support our bodies more effectively over the long term, and need replacing less often, saving us money. There are some key things you can do to make your bed last longer over the coming years.


One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your mattress is to support it properly. If it doesn’t have enough support, it will sag and bend under your body weight over time, and you could end up with an excessive load on certain parts that wears it down unevenly. 

Use a quality bed base that suits the type of mattress you own. Usually, you’ll buy a frame with slats in it for the mattress to rest on or utilize some kind of wooden support. Either way, check the slats and frame periodically for possible issues such as cracks, sags, weakness, or other damage. 

Another point around bed supports is that they keep products in better condition because they allow for airflow underneath a mattress. This then keeps the underside of the bed dry at all times and helps to keep insects away. 

Use a Mattress Protector

We often think of a mattress protector as something that merely keeps our mattress from getting as stained from sweat or other fluids as it otherwise might, but the fact is that these products also help to encourage mattress longevity. 

As a secure barrier between you and your bed, the protector, which is typically waterproof to at least some extent, guards against spills of drinks and other liquids. It also keeps dry skin, sweat, crumbs, hair, dust, dirt, bacteria, and other debris away. All up, this means the mattress stays fresher and drier and isn’t so prone to getting a build-up of allergens like dust mites and mold. In turn, this prolongs the life of the mattress. If you don’t already own this beneficial item, check out organic mattress protectors online today. 

Cleaning Time

Another tip is to make sure you regularly clean your mattress and the bedding you use on it. Like anything else, mattresses need periodic cleaning. After all, you shed oils, skin cells, sweat, and hair as you lie down, which all build up over time. 

Cleaning should be done seasonally, or at a minimum twice yearly. Strip the bed of linen, vacuum the top and sides of the mattress, and clean underneath, too. Always pay close attention to the mattress seams. This is where mites and dust often hide. If you’re worried about odors on your mattress, sprinkle a fine layer of baking soda onto the bed before you vacuum. 

Also, it pays to wash your linen every one to two weeks, even if using a mattress protector. While you want your bed sheets and blankets to be clean and fresh to lie on and under, washing them also helps reduce the amount of “muck” getting through to your mattress. Wash the protector every so often, too. 

No Jumping

Do your kids jump on family mattresses on occasions, using the bed as a trampoline? Or perhaps you stand on the mattress to reach things or hang things? Either way, this isn’t doing your bed any favors. The additional strain isn’t beneficial for bedsprings and other materials. Not only can you damage the mattress, but also the wooden supports underneath it. Your mattress will last longer if you’re as kind to it as possible.

Keep Pets Away 

As much as you might love having your pets snuggle up with you in bed, this is also a big no-no when it comes to mattress longevity. Plus, avoid having them sleep beneath or at the base of your bed. 

Pets Away

Pet fur is another substance that can get on and into mattresses, causing them to degrade sooner and attract dust mites. Keep in mind that sharp pet nails may also rip through the fabric. 

Buying a mattress isn’t a cheap undertaking, so you don’t want to have to do it too often. Once you find a bed you love, you want to be able to use it for as long as possible. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above to extend the life of your bed and enjoy better sleep for years to come. 



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