Dalgona Coffee Recipe to Keep Up With the Trend

dalgona coffee

Social media has been making us do weird challenges lately. From ticking off lists on Instagram to making dalgona coffee, people are spending a lot of their quarantine time to do these. Well, if you want to keep up with the coffee trend, you need to know how to make it. Here, we will give you a complete recipe to make whipped coffee.

What’s the dalgona coffee trend about?

Dalgona coffee trend started with a TikTok video that took netizens by storm. It displayed the beauty of what the coffee looks like and everyone started drooling. Soon social media handles like Instagram and Facebook were flooded by everyone’s version of dalgona coffee. It seems like people just found out a new type of coffee and wants to whip away their lockdown blues.

What is dalgona coffee?

Dalgona coffee is whipped coffee which just needs three ingredients and five minutes to make. You can make it right now if you have instant coffee powder. You have to whip the coffee with water and sugar until it becomes light and frothy. Then, you have to mix it with chilled milk.

If you’re already drooling over the presentation of what the coffee looks like, wait till you taste it. This one beats several fancy coffees, so wait until you make one for yourself.

The dalgone coffee comes with a frothy layer and has chilled milk below it. While most people make it with chilled milk, some have also posted the hot version of this coffee.

Are you wondering why the whipped coffee is named so? In South Korea, whipped coffee is called Dalgona and is similar to Korean honeycomb toffee. That’s how it got the name and a video made it a part of almost every household.

If you’re bored having the same coffee every day during the lockdown, you need to try a new recipe like this one. It will taste as good or better than the frappes you order at Starbucks. It will also satisfy the craving of being at a fancy café. Imagine this, a cozy bed, with good web series on Netflix and some delicious frothy coffee. What else do you need to make the most of a lazy day?

How to make whipped coffee

Dalgona coffee is easy to make frothy coffee that you can prepare with instant coffee powder. You have to beat it along with water and sugar to make the coffee fluffy and light. You must take some time out to beat the coffee mixture. The more time you can give to it, the tastier it feels.

If you can beat the coffee mixture for around 5-8 minutes, you will find a fluffy texture. It is best to use a wire whisk or a hand blender to get in perfectly done. Once you do it, fill up the glass with crushed ice and add milk to it. Now, put the whipped coffee on top and dust the coffee powder to add to the appeal. Right, when you’re about you drink it, give it a mix and you’re done!

You might like the regular latte, a frappe or a strong cappuccino; you’re still going to love the dalgona coffee. You just have to spare 5-10 minutes to make world-class coffee in your kitchen.

Whipped coffee ingredients

You just need three simple ingredients to make this amazing coffee. Read the tips before you start preparing one for yourself:

  1. Use an instant coffee powder for preparing the beaten coffee
  2. Don’t use an immersion blender for beating the coffee as the heat can make it bitter
  3. Make use of a blender than helps you make cakes
  4. If you’re making a small amount of it, you can use milk frother and beat the coffee
  5. You can refrigerate the beaten coffee for around 7 days – make sure you don’t freeze it

Step to make the trending whipped coffee

  • Add instant coffee powder blended with sugar in a cup
  • Add 2 tablespoons of water to it
  • Beat the coffee and sugar blend properly – soon the mixture will look fluffy and light
  • Add crushed ice to a transparent glass
  • Add half a glass of milk to it
  • Top it up with the whipped coffee mix
  • Mix well and serve it chilled


  • 3 tablespoons of instant coffee powder
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 4 cups or half a glass of milk
  • Ice cubes

Tips to keep in mind

  • You can only use instant coffee powder to make this
  • Don’t use an immersion blender for whipping the coffee – it produces heat that can make it bitter
  • Use a blender than helps you make cakes instead of other tools
  • You can add milk instead of water to create the froth

What to do after making the coffee?

We assume that you’re going to put up the coffee picture on Instagram and other networking sites, so next, you need to work on this. Make sure the glass you pour the coffee in is Instagram-worthy. Next, you need to add the froth in a such a way that it looks straight out of your favorite café. You can sprinkle some coffee powder on the froth to make it look more desirable and add colors and textures to it.

Once your object is set, find a suitable place to keep it and click a picture from your smartphone. Make sure there’s enough light to bring out the beauty of what you just made. Before you are all set to click, see if you can add some more things around to make the picture unique. It could be a selfie you take with the coffee mug or keep some cookies around it.

Once you’ve uploaded the picture, don’t forget to add relevant tags to it. When you are done putting it up, relish a cold glass of dalgona coffee and beat the summers.

We hope we were able to give you the easiest guide to make the whipped coffee. If you think you want some more ideas on preparing this one, check out YouTube tutorials to know to master it.


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