7 Things You Must Not Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Car Breaks Down

It isn’t likely that you’ll experience a breakdown that leaves you stranded on the road, especially if your car is well maintained. However, there are certain factors that are out of every motorist’s control. There’s no guaranteed way to avoid a flat tire or mechanical failure, but there is a way to prepare for the unavoidable. Here are a few things that you can avoid doing in order to make breakdowns less stressful.

  1. Do Not Wait in the Car

If your car breaks down on the road, then the first thing you should do is exit your vehicle. This is because other drivers may not see you, even if you put on your hazard lights. Getting out of your vehicle can help keep you safe, and it can also alert passing police to your plight. 

If your car is smoking, then that is an important sign not to stay anywhere near your car. The best place is one where you can comfortably wait for help to arrive and also keep observing your vehicle.

  1. Do Not Trust Strangers

One of the easiest targets for a criminal is someone who’s the car has just broken down. A thief or mugger would love to take advantage of your vulnerability, which is why you should only take help from police or credible services. The good news is that there is less of a need to rely on the help of random people thanks to the integration of emergency communication into many cars. 

You shouldn’t expect that every good Samaritan who tries to help you is a criminal, but there’s no way to tell what the intentions of another person are.

  1. Do Not Think Your Car is Safe On the Road

Depending on where your car breaks down, there is a varying level of danger to your vehicle and other drivers. Whatever the case, if possible, try to move your vehicle off the road. Stationary vehicles on the road are a huge cause of crashes. Someone who is not expecting a broken-down car may not react quickly enough to swerve out of the way. Not only would your car be damaged, but the accident could create a deadly situation. 

The most dangerous area to leave your car is in places that drivers have low visibility, such as around a corner or over a hill. Setting up hazard signs not only puts you in the path of oncoming cars but also is not a guaranteed guard against accidental collisions.

  1. Do Not Attempt to Repair Your Car

Even though you may think that you are savvy enough to patch up whatever problem is keeping your car from running, it isn’t advisable to try to fix the damage yourself. If you were to start digging around in the hood of your car, then you are practically invisible to other drivers. 

Not only would this put you in a dangerous position due to the risk of being near a collision, but there isn’t any way to be sure that the car is actually repaired unless you get it analysed by a professional. Now, there are certain cases where a very minor or chronic problem can be fixed, but make sure that you know exactly what you are doing.

  1. Do Not Try To Get The Attention of Other Drivers

You may be tempted to flag down a passing car, but this isn’t a safe or effective way to get back on the road. You may waste precious time trying to get someone to stop to help you, which would increase the chances that someone would run into your parked vehicle. 

The only thing this is good for is making a potential criminal aware that you are stranded with no means of help. Rather than rely on someone to stop what they’re doing to provide you with aid, it’s better to try and prepare yourself by keeping a mobile phone ready and charged.

  1. Do Not Try To Remove Personal Belongings

Even if you are worried about leaving precious items inside a broken down car do not spend time taking out your belongings. There is very little chance that anything will be stolen or destroyed while you take the time to make yourself safe. If you wonder what to do if you breakdown in the outback, then just know that keeping yourself safe from the elements and strangers is the first step. Regardless of the value of whatever is in your car, keep in mind that nothing is as valuable as your life. 

If you take care of your car, then you’ll have plenty of time to expect a breakdown. Still, you may be one of the unlucky few to get stuck in a remote area. No matter where you happen to get stuck, there is a safe way to overcome the experience by keeping these tips in mind.



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