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Birthday Flowers

Ah, there’s nothing more pleasant than celebrating the passing of our time, right? I know that there are people who don’t like to party much, but birthdays are specific dates, in which we celebrate more than a year passing on a date in the calendar, but many learnings and experiences acquired over time. It’s a relaxed time, too, to look at ourselves, review our dreams, goals, and realize how much we’ve evolved/changed from one birthday to another. Of course, it is also time to gather the closest friends, and celebrate, be it in a more intimate, grander way or take it outdoors. Here, we will share some ideas for different birthday parties to inspire you to start organizing your celebration now.

After all, you only go through each age once. You can make a birthday video for your celebration too. So, let’s celebrate!


The idea of ​​a brunch (or breakfast) is perfect for those who want to start the celebrations early. On the menu, you can include fruits, natural juices, jams, and bread. It fits even that sparkling wine, which is even more delicious in a bowl with an orange ring.

Brunch can happen at home, if there is space, in a green area, or even in a cafe or restaurant that offers the service.


Here, things we have at home become scenery. Pallets, the kitchen table, plants, and photographs make up the simple but very charming decor very well. It is perfect for that different birthday party, which starts in the afternoon and extends into the night.


They never go out of style and are delicious! Picnic are tasty options to celebrate the passing of another year. The most outstanding care here, in this case, is with the weather forecast. If you choose to have an outdoor party, remember to check the weather conditions and hope that the rain will pass far from the date chosen for the celebration.


Pool, some cushions, cold snacks, white or rosé wine: the perfect setting to gather friends in a more intimate and super delicious celebration. This is also an option that works best in the afternoon before the sun goes down. Will someone cheer up and venture out on a dive?


Outdoor parties are my favorites! In the country, in the club, in a park, the wind outside makes everything even more beautiful in the backyard. The great thing about outdoor parties is the weather forecast. It is necessary to be very careful with the rainy seasons and prevent guests on the coldest days.

Remember to take care of the lighting in case of parties that extend or start at night.


There are people who don’t skimp on creativity and games, right? Here, the harmonious colors and the creativity present in every detail of the decoration make everything even more fun. Enjoy whatever you have at home, like colorful confetti paper, glass flower bottles. Use your imagination and do harmony.

Know what the flowers of the season are! In addition to bringing inspiration to your party, seasonal flowers are often cheaper and easier to find. Think about it and then organize other details of a decoration using flowers.

I hope they inspire you to celebrate with great love the passing of another year in your life.

To the next!


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