What Kind Of Shed Should You Build For Your Farm?

Your Farm

Working on a farm is a hard and demanding industry and you need high quality buildings that will stand up to these demands. Whether you need a large storage shed, a lock up shed for machinery, or equine sheds for horses, there are many types of rural sheds to meet your needs.

Consider the Purpose of the Shed

Before constructing a new farm shed, you will need to carefully consider what it will be used for. The design and materials will be dependent on this purpose. If you’re storing hay or large machinery, you will probably need a large shed with a high clearance. However, if you’re looking for a shelter for horses, you will need to look at equine sheds. Here are some of the types of farms sheds to choose from:

  • Equine sheds – these can be designed to suit individual needs. You can choose from closed in stables, open run-in horse sheds and horse arenas.
  • Hay sheds – hay sheds are large open design sheds with high ceilings, perfect to store hay or other items that need a lot of space with easy access.
  • Machinery sheds – perfect for housing machinery such as tractors, trucks, harvesting equipment and more. Add roller doors to provide a secure place to lock up expensive equipment.
  • Barns – barns suit a wide range of purposes for rural properties and are extremely versatile. They are great for storaged and work spaces, and provide a secure area that can be locked up after use.
  • Open front sheds – these are perfect for storing large machinery as they have easy access with a high clearance in and out of the shed.

The Size of Your Shed

You will not only need to decide what type of shed you will need, but also the size. The size will not only be determined by your needs, but also the availability of land, how much space you have, and you budget.

What is Your Budget?

You will need to consider your budget when building a farm shed as they come in countless different sizes and styles. You can also customise your shed to suit your needs, but you will need to decide if this is within your budget.

What Kind of Foundation is Available

All sheds need a good, solid and level foundation, especially large rural sheds. Depending on the location of your shed, you may need to lay a foundation before construction can commence. Concrete is usually the most reliable foundation. However, depending on the type of shed you may require a different type of foundation, such as gravel or crushed stone.

Farm sheds serve many important purposes on rural properties, from equine sheds to workshops, storage and machinery sheds. Before building a farm shed it’s important to think about what it will be used for and how it needs to be designed. Farm sheds are very versatile and when constructed from high-quality materials, will stand up to the high demands of rural and farm properties. 



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