Top tips to thoroughly clean your home to prevent the spread of bacteria

clean your home

When it comes to cleaning your home, for many it can appear an unsure and daunting experience. 

Whether you are wanting to sterilize your home against the rising threat of Coronavirus, or keep it clean for the unexpected arrival of family and friends, cleaning your house can ensure that your home remains a welcoming area.

Along with keeping your home clean, the purification against bacteria can keep your home clean, smelling fresh and your family healthy. 

We discuss and share the simplest ways that you too can take on how to clean your home.

Top tips to thoroughly clean your home

When it comes to how to thoroughly clean your home, whether the counters in your kitchen or your unique living room seating, cleaning your home can appear daunting.

With these top tips, you can prepare and clean your home against the spread of bacteria. 

1- Focus on priority areas

Top tip for those wanting to discover how to clean your home and that is to first focus on priority areas. From the kitchen where you prepare food, to the living room where you spend the majority of your time, focus on cleaning and disinfecting popular social areas within the house that see the vast majority of activity.

2- Dry surfaces after cleaning

A common mistake made by homeowners when cleaning their home and that is to clean, disinfect and then leave their clean, wet surfaces to naturally dry. Instead, it is recommended that when cleaning your home to dry all surfaces. By drying surfaces such as workstations and chopping boards, you can ensure that those remaining germs left on the surfaces can be removed, instead of multiplying on the wet service. 

3- Clean before disinfecting

Instead of simply just disinfecting the surfaces, it is first recommended that you clean the area before sterilizing. This can ensure that any dirt, mess or germs can be removed, helping you to fully tackle and clean the area in question. Two different things, cleaning and disinfecting should be done separately and not as one quick task.

4- Disinfect often

To fully keep your home free of bacteria and your surfaces clean and fresh, it is recommended that you remind yourself to disinfect surfaces often. By taking the time to regularly disinfect surfaces, you can ensure that any bacteria lingering or developing on areas can be effectively removed. Not left for cleaning once a week, it is advised that the disinfection of surfaces should be conducted on a daily basis. 

5- Use disposable clothes and towels

When cleaning your home, it is recommended that the use of disposable clothes and towels are to be used. Allowing you to dispose and bin dirty wipes before spreading them across other surfaces and infecting other areas, soaking and sterilizing clothes and sponges are also advised.  When soaking clothes and sponges, it is advised that you soak them over 60 degrees at the end of every use. 

Along with the regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, cleaning and maintaining the surfaces of furniture is also recommended.

Taking the time to dust shelves and clean furniture, as well as, cleaning mirrors can ensure that any germs that collect on these surfaces are removed and destroyed. 

Cleaning tasks to complete regularly

Dust your home

Available to be completed within all rooms and on all surfaces, the amount of dust that can collect and cover surfaces is surprising. From lights, plants to photo frames, dust can develop in the most peculiar of places. When dusting it is recommended that you consider dry dusting, as wet dusting can smear and rub the dust around further. 

Clean furniture fabric

When preparing and cleaning your home, it is recommended that you go through the house, remaking and changing the bed linen, washing and dry cleaning the seat covers and pillows on sofas, chairs and occasional chairs. While brushing and vacuuming the surfaces where possible. 

Cleaning of mirrors and glass

A key point and one that should not be forgotten when cleaning the home and that is the cleaning of mirrors and glass. 

With the use of glass cleaners, disposable clothes, you can wipe down any germs, dirt and smears that have collected on these surfaces throughout the week gone by. 

Vacuum and washing of the carpets

A weekly if not more frequent activity to complete within the house and that is the vacuuming and cleaning of the carpets. By lifting and removing any dirt that has collected and dropped onto the surface, you can ensure that carpets are cleaned while the build up on bacteria that is not visible within the carpets are removed and destroyed. 

Keep floors clean

From sweeping, mopping to scrubbing, the cleaning of floor surfaces should be a key task in the weekly cleaning of your home. Making sure that your bathroom and kitchen floors are clean of dirt, while sterilizing them to remove the build up of bacteria that can be easily transported throughout the house at the bottom of our slippers and feet. 

There you have it, our top tips on how to clean your home to prevent the build and spread of bacteria. With the need to remain clean and remove unnecessary bacteria from our homes a priority more so than ever before, keeping on top of your home cleaning is important. 

From the disinfection of your kitchen counters, regularly dusting surfaces to the cleaning and washing of the fabric cover of unique living room seating, with these top tips, you too can keep your home, clean and bacteria free. 

What do you think of our top tips? Do you have any home cleaning hacks that you swear by, in keeping your home free of bacteria and as clean as possible. 


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