How to Do Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

skin care for sensitive skin

Do you know that currently 25% to 50% of people around the world are sensitive skin?

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin, a highly intolerant skin type, is easy to be in a state of redness, fever, and tingling stimulated by the outside. In severe cases, there will be swelling and rash. Generally, the cuticle of sensitive skin is very thin and easy to desquamate. Its poor water holding capacity makes the skin tight and dry. Even a lot of unexplained acne will appear suddenly, which is ineffective by any acne removing product.

Sensitive skin is the result of many factors, such as heredity, physique, endocrine, and improper skin care methods.

Improper skin care methods include excessive cleaning and exfoliation, blind use of products with high concentration ingredients and stimulation, resulting in thinning of skin cuticle and damage of skin barrier. Some unhealthy daily lifestyles, such as smoking, drinking, fatigue, and excessive emotionalization, will also lead to sensitive skin.

What should we pay attention to when doing skin care for sensitive skin? Here are some principles for your reference.

Choose mild face cleaners

Sensitive skin is very fragile, so the sensitive skin care products we choose have to with small irritation. The amino acid cleanser is very recommended because amino acids are mostly weak acid and close to the pH value of the human sebum membrane. Ingredients of an amino acid cleaner are mild and low stimulation, which is very friendly to sensitive skin and blain skin.

When cleaning your face, overheated water is not allowed to use, and also do not rub your skin indiscriminately. Remember to wash your face gently and thoroughly with warm water to ensure there is no residual cleanser.

Take care of UV protection

Sensitive skin is a kind of skin inflammation. If it is stimulated by ultraviolet for a long time, it will cause more serious problems.

It would help if you took sun protection measures when you go out all year round due to the thin skin layer and weak defense against ultraviolet. Try to choose physical sunscreen products, and remember to apply sunscreen in outdoor activities.

Do not exfoliate excessively

Sensitive skin is sensitive to contact with strange substances because of its thin skin layer; thus, excessive massage and coarse abrasive particles can cause damage. If you want to remove excess cutin, try to choose clay-like deep cleaning products and remove them once every two weeks or a month.

Moisturize and repair the skin barrier

Due to the damage of skin barrier, sensitive skin is not easy to lock the moisture of the skin, so it is drier than healthy skin.

When choosing skin care products for water supplement, natural plant extract products (excluding chemical ingredients) should be taken into account. Many skin care products contain chemicals such as alcohol, which are fatal to sensitive skin.

For face cream, the cream with too high nutritional content cannot be used because the sensitive skin is less able to absorb water and nutrients than the healthy skin. Therefore, in order not to increase the burden on the skin, try natural plant extract products.

The skin care for sensitive skin is a long-term process, we must be patient to follow the principles of sensitive skin care and use the right sensitive skin care products. At the same time, good daily habits need to be developed to care for our skin.


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