The Next Big K-Beauty Trend? Doing Less!

K-Beauty Trend

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? I am sure you are also one that’s why you reached this page and looking for the best Korean beauty trends which just give you the best skin forever. If you’re a beauty lover like me, then Korean beauty trends are the hottest topic that you have ever discovered.

Well, it doesn’t matter what your age is. Everyone is now busy in their lives and has less time to take care of their skin. Thanks to Korea who discovered the best skincare regime for females. So, they can enjoy their beauty last longer.

Korea is well-known to produce quality skin care products for all skin types that offer you brighter and beautiful skin. In the latest beauty trend, the k-beauty is giving us less practice that just makes your skin brighter even in a busy life. 

Recently, they have launched the best product at shop The FACE SHOP products with the newest innovation plus technology.

Besides this product, have you ever hear about skip-care routine? 

Skip-care routine is a multi-tasking product, an idea to add a multi-step regime for skincare. Most people think Korean beauty hacks involve multiple steps around 10-15 you will need to perform for achieving visible younger-looking skin. But the truth is, having repetitive skincare whether it for 2 steps can give you unexpected results. All you need to stay regular with one skin routine and you will enjoy the no line under the eyes. 

According to the experts and co-founder of k-beauty products said that using the products which your actual skin needs can beneficial instead of wasting time and money on all products. Lee says, it is not about giving up on all the products, but it vital to use the best ingredients on the face that offer amazing results in a short time.

She explains further, uses hybrid products that can cut down the steps and give flawless skin without sacrificing the quality of the product. For example, the cleanser is perfect to clean up the skin, but Lee says instead of looking tons of cleansing products you should look for hydrating ingredients that keep your skin hydrated and deeply nourished. Even the proper hydration cleans your pores and protects the skin against free radicals. 

On this note, she also says one should consider sleeping mask so you can wake up with brighter and beautiful skin. 

Nowadays the 10-step routine is finished and ladies are turning into simple yet effective skincare routines to enjoy desired changes. The moral is, give your skin what it needs. Just do better your lifestyle and spend little wisely on beauty products.

 Yoon says skincare is all about your personalization. We are working for a long time for introducing various skincare products for women to enjoy the best results.

If you are in one who will use beauty product only then adding up skip-routine can be great to enjoy great skin forever. This can work as a multitasking solution that turns to give the best results. 

Here is the top 10 k-beauty trends 2020

  • Natural lashes

Now the days are gone when Korean beauties use false heavy lashes. Nowadays, natural and thin lashes are trending. Just coating your lashes with light mascara and curly lashes can give you a stunning look.

  • Pink Lips

Today, no one woman wears normal lipstick. Matte colors are just awesome to wear and get the hottest look in minutes. In Korea, Trending hottest lips are wearing Matte hot pink color. Later Korea focuses on plumping and pout lips to get hot pink lips.

  • Coral Makeup

In Korea ladies are now using complete Korean makeup which is good in shades as well as texture. Coral has amazing options that can naturally blush your cheeks and natural lip shade that just give you a stunning look forever. Joe, a makeup artist recommend going with coral only.

  • Soft eyebrows

People are not rushing on hard eyebrows. They are keeping it natural with a stick shape. Lee said it looks perfect with your skin and recommended to use low powdered eyebrow pencils or brushes. The idea of doing this to letting people know about actual eyebrows that slighter in tone.

  • Matte appearance

Lee says the biggest trend outbreak on Korea is to have a matte finish on the face. To get perfect skin, first, use hydrating products to prep your skin and draw a healthy texture on the face. The various skin care products are available for hydration. Use your best and feel the natural complexion without drying anymore.

Final Words

Korean women are most dedicated to their skincare; hence the Korean beauty products are amazing and made up of high-quality ingredients which skin needs. The last year trends like heavy brows and dewy skin now turn out and people are more conscious about doing natural makeup with coral and natural brows.


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