Give a stunning dog portrait to someone you care about!

dog portrait to someone you care about!

Many people like to give handmade gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. However, despite this fact, people often have trouble selecting a great gift to give to their friends and family members who are dog lovers. The question, “what is a good handmade gift?” is frequently asked when people are searching for the perfect gift.

If you are trying to find a perfect handmade gift for a friend, a family member a coworker, etc., who loves dogs, don’t worry, Paint Your Life can help! Here at Paint Your Life, we turn photos into stunning works of art in the form of handmade dog portraits.

All you have to do is to submit a photo to us and one of our artists will take your photo and create a beautiful painting based on it. Our artists can capture tiny details and make your painting look extremely real. If the person you are getting the painting done for has a dog, you should get a dog portrait done. Dog portraits make for spectacular gifts.

Dana’s Paint Your Life Story

Couple honors fallen pet with beautiful custom portrait
Couple honors fallen pet with beautiful custom portrait

Dana and her husband had a beloved dog named Gunnar. However, Gunnar unexpectedly passed away two weeks before Christmas. Dana and her husband decided to get a pet portrait done of their dog to honor his memory and to help them cope with his loss. Speaking about her experience with Paint Your Life, Dana said,

“We lost our dog Gunnar suddenly, just two weeks before Christmas. Looking at other pet portraits on the website, we selected our artist, which is a wonderful feature and paid a little extra for “rush” service (which is also a nice option). Our Paint Your Life artist not only captured our pet with amazing detail, but also delivered on the rush service with the painting arriving on Christmas Eve. We are beyond satisfied with the entire experience from start to finish and recommend to others and order again! We cannot thank you enough!

Even though Dana and her husband were unable to spend Christmas with their beloved Gunnar, they were able to feel like his presence was still with them by having the painting. Dog portraits from Paint Your Life are so beautiful and realistic, that it almost makes you feel like the dog is still in your home, alive and well if he or she has passed away.

A Great Gift for Anyone with a Dog

Whether you have a grandma, a grandpa, a sister, a brother, a mother, or a friend who has a dog or who recently lost one, a dog portrait from Paint Your Life is the perfect gift. People have so much love for their pets, that when they lay eyes on a stunning oil painting of their cherished pet, they become overwhelmed by a feeling of joy and pride. 

You might be surprised to see just how emotionally powerful these gifts can be. When you first see the painting yourself, you might actually think it is an enlarged photo due to the incredible detail that our artists are able to capture. However, when you look closely, you will see that every color was specially chosen and every brushstroke was made with incredible care.

Our artists are true masters. We only hire artists that can deliver extremely detailed paintings in a short amount of time. All of our artists have years of experience and can create paintings based on pictures that are highly detailed and accurate.

Choose Any Artist You Like

We have many artists on our team and you can browse their work on the Paint Your Life website. You can look through all of their previous work to find an artist who you think is the best fit for you. Once you choose the artist, you can let us know that he or she is the one that you would like to work with and we will make sure that he or she does the painting for you.

Dana’s painting of her dog Gunnar was done by our artist, Len. If you like the quality of Len’s work, then he would be happy to do a similar painting for you. However, there are dozens of other artists to choose from on our site. So, feel free to browse them all. 

All of our artists are talented, but they each have their own style that is unique. But no matter which artist you ultimately decide to go with, you will get an outstanding result. This is because all of our artists are highly talented.

If you would like to see a Paint Your Life dog painting being created in real life, then click this link:

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