Choosing Your Portable Handheld Carpet Cleaners

Handheld Carpet Cleaners

For the most part of being a housewife, house-cleaning takes up most of the time more than the other tasks and errands to be done. Especially when there are kids in the house, keeping it clean is important. Nowadays, technology has made cleaning easier and faster. Vacuuming makes keeping floors clean convenient and easy. However, when you clean your household, you do not just clean floors; there are many other areas in the house that need to be cleaned. A vacuum cleaner will also do tricks on these areas. Click here to read more about domestic vacuum cleaners.

But the conventional vacuum floor cleaner is bulky and big and not very convenient in cleaning some parts of the house. A remedy for this would be to use a portable handheld unit. Why do you get a handheld vacuum cleaner? As you can tell by how it is called, it is typically a smaller version of the usual bulky ones. It is portable, compact in size, and easily manageable.

Benefits of a handheld vacuum cleaner

They are small in size – most of these units are half or more than half the size of the regular models and are lighter in weight. Some can even be very small that they wwould fit in your pockets. Since they are compacted, it is easy to carry them around and sorting will not be so much of a trouble. It can be kept in closets, on a shelf, on a corner of a room inside cabinets, and other smaller spaces, unlike the conventional bulky ones which need more space for storage. 

The compacted size make these models compatible with smaller living spaces such as bachelor pads, small apartments, RV’s, dormitory rooms, and others. Also, since they are small carpet cleaner, they can aid much more in cleaning small spaces and nooks compared to the regular-sized units. 

Lighter in weight – most models are no more than 5 pounds so they are more handy and easy to carry around while cleaning the house. One common issue with the regular vacuum cleaners is that carrying them up stairs. With the handheld models, this will not be an issue obviously. This makes handheld versions advantageous to elderly people who will really be struggling with heavy and bulky equipment.

Easy to use – since they are small and weights are manageable plus they are easy to operate, these units are easy ways of engaging kids in doing household chores. Many of these versions are cordless so it makes them easy to carry around and there is no danger in getting tangled with electrical cords nor the risk related to using outlets. Parents can charge them and then kids can use them when they are fully charged and functional.

Winner in quick cleanups – when you have pets at home or messy kids, this portable handheld equipment can readily assist in quick cleanups where you need to clean a spot or two just before visitors arrive.

It can clean many spaces and things that a big cleaner cannot do – corners, shelves, top of cabinets, under the furniture around the house, even your car interiors can be vacuumed, too. Narrow crevices, spaces between cushions, blinds, between walls, and almost anywhere else can be reached by these small and powerful cleaning tools.

Plus they are much easier to maintain compared to the huge units, and they are more affordable but are as powerful and can do what the big ones can.

Things to consider when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner

Will it clean both dry and wet debris?

There are units that can clean both dry and wet debris and this should mean the suction can handle both solids and liquids. If this will be your equipment of choice, make sure that it is a high voltage model for it to have a powerful suction. 

Presence of a battery indicator

Some units come without this and how would a user know that the unit needs recharging without it? You can be caught up in a middle of cleaning when you are not aware how much battery life you still have. It can be frustrating when your vacuum cleaner shuts down while you are in the middle of cleaning. 

Does it come with a cord?

When a cleaner comes with a cord, it does not need recharging, but it requires to be plugged in a socket all the time and it makes it less portable.

When a cleaner is cordless, you can carry it anywhere but you have to consider the length of battery time it has. You need to check if the battery is replaceable also so that when it fails, it can be replaced, otherwise, it is useless.

Dirt capacity

Since these models are small, how much dirt can the container handle? Consider also the amount of cleaning you have to do against the amount of dirt it can handle.

Running time

If the unit you chose is cordless, you need to consider the length of time it can run before it needs charging. You do not want to be caught lifeless in the middle of your cleaning task. Usually, these models have 5-30 minutes running time in them.

Time needed for charging

When your unit runs out of battery, how long does it take for it to be full charged again? This you also have to consider especially if you need to use them constantly. You also may want to consider the type of battery it have, some batteries last longer and would only need a shorter charging time, while some may take longer.

Does it come with a hose?

Some unit may come with a hose; this is convenient for reaching out on top of some places such as cabinets. It may somehow make the unit bulkier than those without it.

Before you go out into the shops to purchase one, it is best to check the internet, such as in this page, for more information about vacuum cleaners. Knowing what to expect and what to consider before you finalize your plan to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner gives you an edge and will help you make the best choice suited for your cleaning needs. It is always better to know the features, the price, and other information about a tool or equipment before you go and purchase them.


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