7 Must have tools for your woodworking

Wood planer and shavings at carpenters workshop

Woodworking involves a wide range of activities that require high-level skills. If you are a carpenter who wants to make furniture things and plan decoration works then, you need some tools for completing a job with perfection. The woodworking tools allow you to carry out the important works efficiently that can save time. Another thing is that they will help to plan your woodworks which give ways to get the desired results. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you should consider having the necessary tools on the job site for overcoming unwanted issues. Lumber Work is your one stop shop for everything to do with woodworking.

Here are some tools required for your woodworking projects enabling you to complete the jobs with high success rates. 

  1. Circular saw

Circular saw is an important tool needed for fine woodworking applications and you can use the same by hand or mount it on a table. It is an ideal one for rough dimensions that allows you to set the depth of the blade. You can execute cut-offs, narrow slots, and other works with a high-quality circular saw. 

One of the downsides of a circular saw is it is lighter in weight that causes to move when carrying out the cutting works. The main advantage of a circular saw is that it allows you to work with more freedom anywhere due to its mobility and stability. Moreover, you can utilize the saw for cutting plywood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) with high accuracy.

  1. Power drill 

A power drill is another important tool required for your woodworking projects and you should consider having a corded drill for meeting exact needs. This is because a corded drill is more portable compared to a cordless drill. However, you should keep certain things in mind when buying a drill for your works. You should learn about the options before picking a drill machine. 

  1. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a handheld and versatile saw designed for cutting curves. It lets you cut curved and circular patterns depending on the requirements. If you are a beginner to woodworking then, a jigsaw is the best option that can help perform works effectively. 

The primary advantage of the tool is that it allows you to cut circles and curves according to needs. At the same time, it becomes a difficult one for you to cut straight lines on certain wood items. Therefore, make sure that you always utilize sharp blades for this purpose.

  1. Table saw

A table saw is mother important tool needed for woodworking projects allowing you to create straight and consistent cuts. It is the centerpiece around which you can use and organize the other tools. The tool allows you to cut sheet goods with straight edges perfectly. 

Apart from that, it even allows making any cut you want in woodworking projects. However, you need to adjust the fence and set the blade depth when you want to set up the tool for carrying out the cutting works depending on the width.

  1. Router 

A router is a handheld tool that allows you to cut rabbets and dados accordingly. You can also use the same for shaping decorative contours on workpieces. A majority of routers these days come with two different bases. The routers that are having stationary bases allow you to perform several tasks. 

They allow you to set specific depth which stays consistent while using them. At the same time, a plunge router makes you create the desired cuts by lowering the bit into the wood and then lifting the same back out of the wood. You should look out some important features when buying the best plunge router from markets. Some of them include horsepower rating of a motor, variable speed control, diameter, ergonomic handles, etc. 

  1. Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw enables you to make accurate and quick cuts after placing the same on extended tables with both ends. Also, the tool enables you to angle the motorhead in two directions thereby showing ways to cut straight angles. 

It even has a rotating vertical pivot apart from the rotating table allowing you to tilt cutting blade and blade sideways. This will help a lot to carry out both horizontal and vertical cuts with accurate angles. 

  1. Random orbit sander

Random orbit sander is another important tool designed for woodworking allowing you to experience the desired shapes. It is a powerful handheld tool that allows you to determine the direction while moving the sandpaper. Most sanders allow you to control the speed to carry out important tasks with ease. The tool is available with vibration techniques which can help fix a sanding round pad with a ball-bearing mechanism. It allows the pad to rotate randomly that don’t leave any patterned scratches in workplaces. 


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