How to Illuminate the Lawn with Landscape Lightning Effectively

Illuminate the Lawn with Landscape Lightning Effectively

Why You want Landscape Lightning in Your Lawn

You need to invest money in setting up the landscape lighting in the lawn, so before investing money first all you need to clear that why you want the landscape lighting in the yard or lawn. Might be you want the lighting for the evening time, just to make the environment peaceful, soft and romantic. Might be you have a bench or shade cover yard in the lawn and you want to illuminate it for protection and security purposes. Sometimes people set up the lightning in the lawn for leading the path for a walk. Sometimes people light the few parts of the lawn for highlights such as a pond or water fountain. 

Create a Sketch of the Lawn

Once you define the reason for landscape lighting in the lawn, now it’s time to create the sketch of the lawn. Literally, for this, you don’t need to hire any professional sketch artist. You just need to sketch all things that exist in the lawn on the paper. Either you can make the pictures or you can just write the name. Such as if there are trees, plants, and shrubs, etc. The purpose of sketching things can determine the location of each thing on the lawn. It is the easiest way of estimating how many lights you need to landscape lighting the lawn. One more thing you also need to mention is the height of the objects for the correct estimation.

Decide Where You want to Set Up Landscape Lightning

Well, you have done with a sketch of the existing objects in the lawn. Now you need to determine the specific location of the lawn where you want to set up the landscape lighting. We would recommend you first illuminate the areas that are expensive for you. Such as a bench, flower yard, and fountain, etc, just for the sake of security and protection. After then you should light the boundaries of the path where you can walk in the night just to preserve yourself from any kind of accident. You can also lighten the lawn for making the environment peaceful and peaceful. If you use the landscape lighting around the fountain, it will look beautiful and enhanced.

Determine How Much Cost and Effort You Need to Put

The landscape lighting in the lawn requires too much effort, we recommend you if you don’t have any experience of it then never try it by yourself might be you can damage anything. Call the professional for efficient work. The wiring of the lights should be set buried in the depth of 18 inches, or you can insulate the lights just to protect it from the water. Waterworks on the lawn may cause the lights so precaution is the best solution.

The low voltages lights just need a transformer and outdoor receivable source for lightning. The purpose of the transfer is to convert the high voltages of 120 volts to just 12 volts, so how the lights will not be burned. 

The solar lights are best for the landscape lighting because there is no external electricity required for running it, no wire required for it. Only sun rays will be required to charge the battery of the lights and in the dark, the lights will automatically light up. So you can see the solar lights required less effort as compared to other lights.

Set Your Budget

After all planning and estimations are done, now it’s time to set the budget for the landscape lighting. The budget will depend on your needs and the quality of the lights. The landscape lights are categorized into three types.

  • Expensive Lights: The expensive lights required high voltages to light up and the cost of each light is a minimum 100$ or more than it. For these lights, you need to hire labor for installing it, and you need to pay extra money for installing the lights. So you can estimate how much it will cost. First, clear your budget and then go for these lights. These lights are applicable in large lawns
  • Low-Cost Lights: The price of each light will be a minimum of $30, and these types of lights need low voltages to light up. The advantage of these lights is you don’t need to hire any professional for installing these landscape lights. You can install these lights by yourself easily, just need to learn how to install the landscape lights.
  • Solar Lights: These lights are the most popular and technology manufactured. There is no wire required for the connection of lights, no power supply required for running these lights. These lights are connected to the battery and battery charge from the sunlight. These lights are cheap if we compare it with its reliability and life. The solar lights are a flop in the dark areas where light is deficient. 

Set Up the Landscape Lightning

So once your budget is done and you have bought the lights for the landscape lighting in the lawn, now it’s time to install the lights in the garden. As we have mentioned there are three types of lights. If you have bought the expensive lights then surely you need to hire the professional for the installation of the lights, just because the lights are of high voltages so don’t take your life in danger. If you have bought the solar or low-cost lights then you can install it by yourself.

Always install the lights first in the most prominent areas of the lawn such as benches, flower yards, and water fountains. After that, set up the lights on the boundaries of the track where you can walk at night. At last, you can set up the lights on the shrubs, trees, and plants for making the environment peaceful and romantic.


All tips and guidelines mentioned here are well experimented and literally you will get the best and efficient results if you follow these guidelines properly.


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