How to Pack for Your Beach Vacation Without Forgetting Anything

Beach Vacation

Beach vacation destination is decided. The hotel is booked. Seats are selected for your flight. All that’s left is packing. Packing your luggage can be overwhelming, but its best not to procrastinate. You don’t want to end up forgetting anything. Below are some packing tips to so you do not forget anything for your beach vacation

Make a List

Annoying, but necessary. Make a list of what is needed to help you pack for your beach vacation and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Categorize your list into essentials and desirables. Be realistic in packing your luggage, and you cannot bring your entire closet on holiday with you. Must-haves include your passport and wallet. As you get closer to your vacation, recheck your list, and again to make sure you have everything. You don’t want to get to your beach vacation destination and realize you forgot the sunscreen. 

Check the Weather

As you begin packing, don’t predict the weather, nowadays we can check the weather up to 14 days beforehand. The weather could change, but it gives you an idea of what temperatures to expect during your vacation. Check the day before you fly and change up your luggage accordingly. 

Follow Baggage Restrictions

Check the airline’s guidelines for luggage. Weigh your bags beforehand to make sure you are within the weight guidelines. If your luggage is over the weight limit, you will have to pay extra upfront to get your suitcase on the airplane, or worse, get rid of items in your luggage. So, to save yourself a headache and starting your vacation off wrongly, don’t overpack your suitcase.

Utilize Your Carry-On

Pack your valuables in your carry-on, such as your camera, or jewelry, passport, wallet, etc. The likely hood of your luggage being lost is unlikely, but it is better to be on the safe side. Along with your valuables pack, an extra set of clothing, underwear, swimsuit, and beachwear cover ups plus size to ensure you still have something to wear if something was to happen to your luggage. 

Leave Room in Your Luggage

Pack lightly. You do not need to pack many shoes. Pack your footwear based on how long your vacation is going to be, and what activities or excursions you are planning to do. A good rule of thumb is to pack a pair of comfortable shoes, dressy shoes for evenings, and sandals for casual and beachwear. Roll your clothes, as well to help save space and helps avoid creases and wrinkles in your clothes. The extra space you save means you’ll have room for the vacation souvenirs. 

First Aid Kit

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit. Just pack necessaries, pills and medicine that you might need, antibacterial wipes, and Band-Aids. It’s good to be prepared for minor scrapes and cuts, considering accidents can happen, even while you are vacation. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings it back to making a list and checking it over and over. Only bring items you need. There are lots of things you might think you need but are unnecessary for your beach vacation, such as expensive jewelry and valuables, heavy zoom lenses for your camera, full-size toiletries, more than one jacket, or pair of jeans, bulky towels, more than one book, pillow or any heavy equipment. All these items are not needed for your trip and take up needed space in your suitcase and add extra weight to your luggage. When you are packing, something for the chance of “what if,” when it is not needed. These tips will help you in preparing for your beach vacation and making sure that you have nothing to worry about and aren’t forgetting anything important. So, you can enjoy the sunshine. 



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