Where’s the Cheese?! 7 Awesome Fridge Organization Tips

fridge organization

Did you know that with proper organization, you can avoid impulse eating? Get in the habit of stocking and organizing your fridge with healthy food.

Are you looking for tips on fridge organization? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to organize a refrigerator.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Clean out Your Fridge

Before you organize your fridge, you’ll need to get rid of expired food items. Make sure to toss out any items you don’t use anymore. Place the perishable items inside a cooler while you clean.

Wipe down the walls, drawers, and shelves with a multi-purpose cleaner. If any bottles or containers have gunk on them, wipe them down as well.

Pick up a deodorizer for your fridge to prevent any unpleasant smells. You could also buy a box of soda and place it in the back of the refrigerator.

While you’re cleaning, you might notice some problems with your fridge. Learn more about the common reasons behind a fridge breakdown.

2. Line Your Shelves and Drawers

You can pick up a water-resistant and heavy-duty shelf liner. Place these in your crisper drawers.

This will make your future cleanup a lot simpler if the veggies or fruit begin to rot. Line your shelves as well. This way, you can prevent a mess if any bottles spill or drip.

3. Get a Lazy Susan

The back of the fridge is an easy spot for food items to get lost and expire. You can keep all your food items accessible by using a lazy Susan. Keep your opened jars, snacks, or condiments on the disc.

4. Get Hanging Baskets

To save space, pick up a few baskets that you can suction to the side of your fridge. You can place pre-made cheese roll-ups or cups of hummus in these baskets. This will create more space in your refrigerator for other items.

5. Group Similar Items Together

Things like salad dressings, condiments, and sandwich toppings can get placed together. Label the bins.

You can buy containers or bins with handles on them. This will make it easier to haul things out of the fridge when you need to prep your food.

6. Place Snacks in the Middle

Place your most used items in the center of your fridge. Make sure the veggies and fruit get pre-washed. This way, your family can snack right away on these healthy options.

7. Save Space by Stacking Food Items

If you prefer to store beer, water bottles, or soda in the fridge, consider getting a can or bottle dispenser. You can store your cans and bottles in a small space, but still provide easy access to your family.

Now You Know More About Fridge Organization

We hope this guide on how to organize a fridge was helpful. These fridge organization tips can help you maintain a healthy diet.

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