Top Industries That Require ISO 27001  

The Perks of Using a Software to Conduct Certification Programs

More often than not, organizations today are using all the essential technological methods, such as antiviruses, firewalls, and backups to protect their information security assets. But security breaches still occur because the technologies they are using are limited, or the employees lack knowledge information security. Fortunately, ISO 27001 certification can protect the vital assets of your company as well as maintain your information security management system (ISMS).

With that, a company that keeps sensitive information can benefit from implementing ISO 27001. Here are the top industries that require putting the ISO standard into practice:

IT Companies

These include cloud companies, software development companies, and IT support firms. They put ISO 27001 into effect because it will enable them to get more clients. Having a certification means they have the capability to safeguard information in the best way possible. Often, these fast-growing organizations utilize ISO 27001 to address specific issues within their operations, as this framework helps them identify the people accountable and which steps to take.

Telecommunication Companies

Telecoms such as internet providers have a major task of working on a vast amount of data. They handle and protect data, as well as reduce the occurrence of outages. To help them accomplish that, they turn their attention to ISO 27001. Moreover, these telecom companies abide by an increasing number of rules and regulations, in which ISO 27001 compliance is extremely beneficial.

Financial Companies

In this industry, it comprises brokerage firms, insurance agencies, and banks. These financial institutions use ISO 27001 when adhering to many laws and regulations. The most stringent aspect of the financial industry is data protection. The good thing is that lawmakers made their legislation in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. To achieve compliance, ISO 27001 is the ideal methodology.

Also, these financial organizations implement ISO 27001 due to cost. Practising it to prevent problems from transpiring is cheaper than fixing them after an incident. In the financial industry, this course of action is typical because these organizations are typically the most advanced concerning risk management.

Government Agencies

In general, government agencies deal with highly sensitive data on a regular basis, and some of these data are confidential. It is of utmost importance that these agencies protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data. ISO 27001 is an excellent method considering it was designed based on the C-I-A triad concept. Also, the ISO framework is perfect when it comes to government recognition because the standardization body recognizes it internationally.

Any Business with Sensitive Data

There is a long list of organizations that handle delicate information and sensitive data. Manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, health organizations, etc., all these industries want to protect their respective data. It means that when a company has vital information, ISO 27001 is a useful tool to implement. For this reason, obtaining a certification is a crucial step to make in order to boost compliance and cybersecurity reputation.

Keep in mind that ISO 27001 is not entirely an IT project. Organizations that implement it consider it as an essential tool to gain many business benefits. To have ISO 27001 certification indicates your company has passed and met the audit and compliance criteria. By doing this, your organization can utilize it in many ways than its main purpose, which is to put a successful security system in place.


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