How to Pet and Train the Largest Dog Breed at Home?

Largest Dog Breed

Do you want to know which dogs are the largest of all dog breeds? Well, you might be amazed by how huge they are and the variety they are present in. When you think of the largest dog breed, the first few things you will have in mind is how much they are inclined to being hunters and guard dogs. But not many know that they can often live in extreme conditions and seem intimidating to intruders of their space.

If you think you’d find a large dog breed and pitbull breeders intimidating, you shouldn’t forget that they’re still dogs. They can be aggressive but lovable, they can be too active but they’ll listen to the ones who tame them.

Large dog breeds can become amazing pets if you know how to manage them well. However, most experts don’t suggests having large dogs around infants and kids. If you exercise large dogs, they are more likely to behave like any normal dog because they’d need food and rest after that. Keeping large dogs active is a necessity, as they can otherwise become fierce and aggressive.

How to maintain a large dog breed?

Here are some lifestyle tips that you need to keep a note of when you want to pet a large dog:

1. Exercise

A giant dog breed mass needs to move their muscles to keep them going and function properly. Many large dogs have been treated as hunters and guards due to their characteristics. Dog with such endurance can manage a farmer’s livestock.

It is important to know the purpose of a certain animal breed to understand the level of activity it needs. Many large dog breeds can work all day and they need to channelize their energy accordingly.

2. Living space

If you want a pet a large dog, you have to give them the space it needs. City dwellers have different home settings compared to rural residents. Many of us adjust to smaller spaces like apartments or condos. But these aren’t places where you can adjust with a large dog. If you have a comparatively big apartment, you can pet large dogs. It is important to consult about this before bringing home a large dog

3. Training

If you have a Pomeranian, you wouldn’t find it jumping over your kitchen counter and stealing uncooked chicken right away. But when you have a 100-pound Great Dane at home, it can easily wipe away all that food.

The only way you can stop a small pup or a large dog from becoming a terror in the house is by training. You need to learn from large dog breed owners on how to train big pets. You have to teach them manners so that they don’t attack anyone, become aggressive, or get notorious.

4. Cost

The largest dog breed will not only be expensive to possess but pricier to maintain. There will be lots of veterinary procedures and medicines like any other pet. But the price of such things tends to increase according to a dog’s weight. On the other hand, the amount of food they eat or the kind of training sessions you’d need will also be more expensive.

Largest dog breed to pet at home

Here are some of the large dog breeds pictures and names that you might consider possessing:

1. Great Dane

Great Danes are recognized as the biggest dog breed as per the American Kennel Club (AKC). If you’d find dogs that still weigh more than these dogs, you wouldn’t find dogs larger in height.

Great Dane breed originates from Germany and is known as Deutsche Dogge or German Mastiff. But before setting the official roots in the country, these dogs eventually came from a crossbreed between Irish wolfhounds and English mastiffs.

Although Great Danes are not the heaviest dog breed, they still weigh around 100-120 pounds each. They are the tallest and can be as high as 30 inches. The world record of being the tallest Great Dane went to a dog named Zeus who was 44 inches tall. Sadly, the largest dog breed doesn’t have longevity and live for around 6 to 8 years only. Zeus only lived till the age of five.

great dane

2. English Mastiff

English Mastiffs are actually the heaviest dog breed. The most massive one to date was Zorba and weighed 343 pounds. The average mastiff can reach a height of 27 to 30 inches and weigh around 130 to 220 pounds. If you look for the largest dog breed in terms of mass, then you’re surely looking out for an English Mastiff.

English Mastiffs are working dogs that can bait bears, bulls, and even lions. Of course, size and mass are important for this. It is said that during the Roman Empire, Caesar was impressed by Mastiffs that he took some of these dogs back home after invading Britain. These dogs were used in gladiator and lion fights, and their working nature still reflects reality.

In today’s time, the largest dog breed of Mastiffs are loving pets and also gentle companions. Dogs from the breed are known to be therapy dogs and also help out for tracking and rescuing. These dogs have a loyal and mellow nature. They are great with kids and needs to be around people and not isolated. They can become destructive and anxious if left alone. Also, note that Mastiffs need daily walks and a lot of training to keep them happy.

English Mastiff

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are another one of the largest dog breed types. They are also heavy due to their mass and originate from Southern Italy. An average male Neapolitan Mastiff can be around 26 to 31 inches tall and weigh about 130 to 155 pounds. The female ones are slightly smaller and weigh around 110 to 130 pounds.

The Neapolitan Mastiffs are fearless and protect their families and homes. They are the perfect guard dogs but not the best warning system. They are usually quiet and usually sneak up their intruders than bark to warn them off. These dogs are perfect to protect your family but need proper training to accept the people it stays with.

Largest Dog Breed

4. Komondor

Have you seen these mop-like large dogs before? Komondor dogs originate from Hungary and have been guarding livestock and property for ages. Today, this breed of dog has been declared as a national treasure in the home country.

You can’t mistake a Komondor with any other dog breed because of their mop-like coat. These large dogs are fascinating and can become 31.5 inches tall and weigh up to 130 pounds. They are perfect for apartment life even when they stay calm indoors.

The Komondor dogs are guards by nature and like to roam outdoors. If you have a backyard, you might find them mostly playing there. These dogs do bark quite a lot and can make you feel uncomfortable as well.

Komondor dogs are loyal pets who will commit to you especially when you have children in the house. They just need a lot of training and socializing to stay healthy.


5. Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux dogs go by many names and some people even call them Bordeaux Mastiff. Other names you can address them with are Bordeauxdog or French Mastiff. They are one of the oldest French dogs that stand tall between 23 to 27 inches and weigh around 125 to 150 pounds.

Although this is average compared to the Mastiff breed, what sets it apart is the size of the head compared to the body size. It has the largest head among other canines. These dogs have been domesticated for years but they are one of the best working dogs. Some people have used these dogs for watching their flocks or pulling carts. These animals are energetic outdoors but will mellow done at home if they are well exercised.

Dogue de Bordeaux

6. Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound is another ancient hunting breed that originated from Scotland. They were used for red deer chasing, hunting, and more. The animal comes with big-boned legs and has a hound-like structure. They are quick to reach their prey and have an amazing speed to do so.

The Scottish Deerhound males are around 32 inches tall and weigh around 110 pounds. They look a lot like Greyhounds but have coats unlike them. The color of their coat can be varied and coarser on the legs and body while softer around the head, chest, and belly. Their tail amusingly hangs to the ground and their blue or black noses make them look adorable.

Do you know that Scottish Deerhound dog breed had almost got extinct at one point in time when only aristocrats were allowed to own them? Luckily, the breed was restored during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dogs of this breed are loyal, loving, gentle, and affectionate. They are close to friends, families, and if trained well, they are good with strangers as well. You can keep Scottish Deerhounds around kids but you shouldn’t bring them in contact with other animals as they can have hunting drives.

One of the interesting reasons why people like to pet Scottish Deerhounds is that they don’t bark much. It is another reason why these dogs are suitable as family pets. However, you will have to walk them and let them do extensive exercise.

Scottish Deerhound

7. Bernard

St. Bernard dogs were bred in the Italian Alps and Swiss for mountain rescue operations by monks of the St. Bernard Hospice. These dogs used to help clear path during heavy snow. The rescue operations in such regions were dangerous as St. Bernard passes connecting Italy to Switzerland.

An amazing fact about these dogs is that they helped save over 2000 people over 200 years. Some of them include Napoleon’s soldiers as well. A legendary St. Bernard dog was Barry who had saved around 100 people during the 18th century. Barry’s body is exhibited at the National History Museum in Berne.

St. Bernard dogs are one of the largest because they used to walk a lot in the heavy snow. Looking for people trapped in avalanches or lost in mountain terrains was their main job.

A St. Bernard dog can be almost 36 inches tall and weigh around 120 pounds. The record of the heaviest one was Benedictine that weighed 366 pounds. These dogs are resistant to cold and have a great sense of navigation.

Currently, these dogs are more domesticated instead of being working dogs. They are friendly, loving, and gentle enough to leave around kids.


8. Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds are similar to Scottish deerhound but they have courser bodies. These dogs are a chase down of wolves. They developed from war hounds to dogs used for hunting or guarding.

The Irish wolfhound is an ancient breed that was brought to Ireland around 7000 BC. They were initially hunting dogs but have now been domesticated and are fairly quiet, smart, and reserved. If you pet an Irish wolfhound you will find them easygoing and manageable.

The bred produced pretty tall dogs and can sometimes be taller than a Great Dane. Their minimum height is 32 inches for males and 30 for females. Some of the male dogs can be as tall as 34 to 35 inches and weigh around 140 pounds or more.

Irish Wolfhound largest dog breed

Final thoughts

These were some of the largest dog breeds in the world. If you want to pet them, you need to help them adapt to a homely setting. However, they need extensive exercising and nurturing which you must provide them all through.


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