Clear Fanny Pack Outfit Ideas That Are Unbeatable!

Pack Outfit

Every dad’s favorite thing to carry around is back, and it doesn’t have any plans to leave anytime soon!

Fanny packs are quite awesome- they’re convenient, they are handy, and when styled right they can make you look like you just spent a dollar and a dime getting your outfit ready for the morning- even though you know you didn’t. So, if you’re the proud owner of some brand new clear fanny packs but have absolutely no idea how to style them in the most flattering way possible, follow our handy guide as we give you some freshly planned looks for this summer season and spoil the fashionista within you. 

1. Wear them with your work clothes 

Wearing your favorite blazer to look like an ace at the workplace? Wear your fanny pack along with it to add a fun dimension to the look. Fanny packs that can be worn across the shoulder work the best for this, and really give you a fun-but-serious look.  

2. Don them with a sleek trench coat

Trench coats aren’t just limited to cotton and wool anymore- they come in different materials like vinyl, PVC and leather. You can add some texture to the trench coat look by wearing a fanny pack across your waist like a belt to go with the coat. A nice pair of heels, some bell-bottomed trousers and a structured set of shades– and you’re good to go for a night of partying with your friends.

3. Wear them to add some color to your outfit?

If you feel like all your favorite clothes are rather monochromatic- but you just don’t have the budget to reincarnate your wardrobe just yet- simply get yourself a fanny pack in a bright color. No matter what you wear it with, it will add some innovation and dimension to what can be a rather flat and repetitive look. 

4. Pair it with your casuals 

Want to go grocery shopping but don’t want to carry a big bag around? Just get a mini fanny pack to wear with your casuals. You can store your essentials in there, and it will look perfectly in place with a casual t-shirt, denim and a pair of sneakers. 

5. Wear it with some oversized clothes 

Oversized cotton clothes look quite brilliant with clear fanny packs. The whole look is certainly effortless – it just looks like you threw something on in the morning but still managed to look fabulous. It’s a very clever trick for those days when you just don’t have the time to pick out an outfit for work. Wear this and you’ll turn heads anyway.

6. Wear it with neutral shades 

A clear fanny pack on some pastel nude hues? The winner for sure. It may not sound appealing on paper, but the execution is on a whole different level. Pair your fanny pack with a pastel formal look and see how it turns it around in a moment. Wear it across your body for maximum effect. 


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