Tips to Have Success in Front of the Camera


While there are plenty of people who get camera-shy, it’s important to move past this feeling. After all, if you have a message to share with the world, the camera is one of the best ways to broadcast it. If you’re getting ready for a major photo shoot, it’s possible to make the camera your best friend. Consider the following ways you can have success in front of the camera. 


It’s important to get your appearance in order. Think about your hair, makeup and wardrobe styling in advance. If you have the ability to choose what you’ll wear, wear garments that will help you feel your most confident and capable. Since brands like SikSilk provide an array of awesome pieces, it’s really not that difficult to find the perfect outfits for your body. Whether you’re a man or a woman, makeup is still great for on-camera appearances. If you’re a man, you might assume that makeup doesn’t apply to you. Granted, you don’t have to wear lipstick, mascara or blush. However, it’s a good idea to use a powdered foundation in order to remove any shine. The camera can pick up a lot of imperfections that powder can conceal. If your set comes with a makeup artist, you’ll be in great hands. If there’s no makeup artist available, take a look at a few of the countless YouTube tutorials on makeup application in order to achieve the look you desire.


Posture is one major key that many people don’t consider until it’s too late. When you sit or stand up straight, this can instantly make you appear more confident, in shape and prepared. Put your shoulders back, and do your best to tuck your tummy in. It’s so easy for many people to slump their shoulders when they’re sitting at their desk or on the couch. Since practice makes perfect, find back massagers and tools that help you to maintain good posture. As you use various tools on a regular basis, it’ll become a lot easier to put your shoulders back and sit up straight. Maintaining the right posture will make your photos look so much better. Slouching never really looks great on camera.

Diction and Volume 

If your job in front of the camera requires speaking, it’s important to be mindful of your voice. Consider your volume. If you’re in a space that doesn’t have a microphone, you’ll want to speak as loudly as you can in order for the audio to be useful. Diction is important as well. When you’re speaking to the camera, speak clearly and properly so that people will know what you’re saying. Do your best to avoid dropping your volume at the end of a sentence. Simple lessons in diction can do wonders when it’s time to speak in front of the camera.


Vulnerability might sound like a skill you need when you’re maintaining a healthy relationship with another person. However, vulnerability is key when you’re in front of the camera as well. When you’re vulnerable, you’re open to making mistakes and taking direction. When you’re in a vulnerable position, you’re admitting that you need help, and might not look like perfection at all times. This is the perfect place to be because you don’t want to be a prideful person who can’t take help. You also don’t want to be so rigid that you’re afraid of doing anything. It’s really about being open. When you’re moving and smiling in front of the camera, the creative director can see the full picture. You can’t. As a result, they’re able to see when something is off. When you’re vulnerable, you’ll be able to get feedback, see ways you can improve and do your best.


Practice really does make your experience better. If you know you have an upcoming photoshoot, it’s great to practice some of your poses. Stand in front of the mirror in order to identify the poses that flatter your body the most. Try different facial expressions in order to communicate confidence. Take a look at various tutorials and videos that focus specifically on how to become a great model in front of the camera. Ask a friend to help you figure out your angles and ideal poses. Yes, this requires vulnerability. In this case, make sure that you ask someone that you actually trust. You want to feel completely comfortable with someone who’s not jealous of what you’re trying to do. When you have someone in your corner who is committed to seeing you thrive and shine, it becomes a lot easier to receive their opinions.

With these tips, you’ll begin to develop a comfortability in front of the camera. It might seem challenging at first. However, when you really commit to the process and maintain a positive mindset, you can truly become a natural that the camera loves. 


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