Kitchen Design: How To Improve Your Kitchen’s Functionality And Look

Kitchen Design
Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets.

The most functional part of a home is the kitchen. It’s where busy individuals spend their time preparing delicious meals for the family. Also, it’s the perfect area for a parent and child bonding, such as baking some cookies or chocolate cake.

Making your kitchen look nice and functional brings great value and comfort to you and your family members, as well as your guests and visitors. Thus, we ask the question, “when was the last time you remodeled your kitchen for a more beautiful and functional look?” 

In this post, you’ll learn how to improve the functionality and look of your kitchen to attain the best design it truly deserves. 

Work to Achieve the Best Kitchen Lighting Design 

Aside from having enough counter space where you prepare your cooking ingredients and chop meats and veggies, a crucial aspect of kitchen design is achieving good lighting. 

With the right kitchen lighting, your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and dishes help improve kitchen functionality and flow. To achieve this, seek the help of an expert interior designer to attain a good kitchen lighting design.

Kitchen Design

Hence, with proper lighting, you can cook with ease and confidence in order to come up with the most delectable recipes.

Here’s how to attain the best kitchen lighting design:

  • Use LED Lights: Using LED lights into your kitchen design doesn’t only provide energy savings but also enough work light for your kitchen. 
  • Kitchen Cabinetry Lighting: Illuminate dark kitchen corners that primary lights cannot reach by installing kitchen cabinetry lighting to highlight its beauty.
  • Functional Task Lighting: It allows you to create layers of light to make your kitchen look inviting and functional. Recessed lighting should be installed for every 4 to 6 feet of ceiling space. 
  • Task Lighting: Installing task lighting onto your kitchen sink, countertop, built-in pantry, and your kitchen island improves the functionality of your kitchen. For instance, you can install task lighting above the kitchen sink so you can easily see the ingredients you’re washing and preparing when cooking. 
  • Install Perimeter Lights: When standing at your kitchen counter and island, place lights around your kitchen’s perimeter to avoid shadows.

Choose the Best Kitchen Curtain 

Kitchen curtains have a beautiful effect on the general look and feel of your kitchen space. By having a good kitchen curtain, this part of your home will feel homey, especially if you’re busy working in this area every day. 

Check out these fabulous kitchen curtain styling tips to make your kitchen look nice and more functional:

  • Classic and Chic: A great option for kitchen curtains are stripes design that goes perfectly in a farmhouse or your modern loft. Once you’ve found your desired stripe kitchen curtain, you’ll never have to change your curtain design again. Stripe kitchen curtains come in different colors and styles that can tailor-fit to your kitchen style.
  • Floral Curtains: This kitchen pattern design is worth considering for your lovely kitchen. If you have light-colored cabinetry, floral curtains ignite interest to the eyes. (  
  • Modern Art: Instead of a field or a barnyard feel, choose a kitchen curtain pattern that complements the colors, making you think of modern painting.

Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling

If you have an outdated kitchen, redesigning your backsplash is a good idea. A tiled backsplash is trending, such as white subway tiles. You’ll also find other alternatives for a solid tile backsplash, like concrete, glass, or stainless steel. A sheet or solid backsplash makes a statement interior, adding a functional element of sleek kitchen design. 

Here are some tips when it comes to kitchen backsplash remodeling:

  • Glossy Black Backsplash: This backsplash extends throughout your entire cooking area, which comes in contrast with your bright white cabinetry. You can match it with black pendant lights and natural wood. The materials you can use to achieve this look include granite, glass, and marble. 

For a more dazzling kitchen look, make sure to choose a material that’ll shine and reflect.

  • Colorful Sheet Glass Backsplash: This trend is visually clean because your kitchen gets the reflection and shine of the glass. You can custom paint clear glass and baked to finish. By doing so, it reduces the risk of chips or damage once it’s installed.


Attaining a functional and gorgeous-looking kitchen is possible with careful interior design planning. You can remodel your backsplash and work to attain the best lighting design for your kitchen. Also, simple kitchen curtain tricks will make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen. 

It’s high time to think of the best kitchen design to change the overall look of your kitchen.


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