How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker Machine

keurig coffee maker machine

The pod coffee mechanisms are one of the most popular accessories for homes, due to its convenience to make beverages easily in the morning. Keurig coffee maker machine is one of the finest products out there to help you do so. However, to maintain the undisputed flow of the coffee in the morning, you have to maintain your Keurig properly. If you love drinking coffee at regular intervals all day, you have to pay extra attention for keeping the Keurig coffee maker machine clean. If not, the machine can stop brewing your coffee when you need it the most!

When machines such as the Keurig coffee maker machines are used a lot, the internal parts can develop clogs, which is extremely harmful for the system overall. The article below focuses on what aspects you should check your Keurig coffee maker machine, what ingredients you should use for cleaning, and how you can clean the machine to keep it functional for a longer time.

The Best Methods for Cleaning Keurig Coffee Machine

For cleaning your Keurig coffee maker machine, the main things you will need are the ingredients and equipment.

Among the ingredients, you will need water, soap, and white vinegar, or any other solution for descaling.

As for equipment, a simple clean, dry, and soft cloth will be enough.

To clean your Keurig coffee maker machine, follow the steps given below-

    1. Make sure that the machine is unplugged – This is the basic step for cleaning the machine, and is often neglected by many.
    2. The removable parts should be disassembled and washed – The removable parts such as the mug stand, water reservoir, K-cup holder, and the lid should be separated. These parts then should be washed with soap and warm water and kept for drying.
    3. The machine surface should be cleaned – The clean cloth should be used to gently clean the machine. The part where the granules of the tea and coffee segments are collected should be cleaned with extra care. Once cleaned, the parts should be reassembled.
    4. Use the vinegar – The lime and scale buildup gets removed easily with the help of the white distilled vinegar, or any other descaling solution. This is the ultimate step to make sure the machine runs smoothly. You can pour vinegar in the water reservoir upto the half mark.
    5. Fill with water – The rest of the reservoir can be filled with clean water.
    6. Use the machine – Plug in the machine and start to brew without the K-cup. When the reservoir becomes empty, remove the contents of the mug. This entire process is called descaling. Depending on your usage, the Keurig coffee maker machine should be descaled at least once in three to six months cycle.
    7. Use water to continue the rinsing process – The vinegar may leave a residual taste, which can be removed by repeating the rinse with plain water.

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Extra Tips

It is also recommended that brewing should be done with spring or bottled water. Distilled or softened water for normal usage should be avoided. You can also clean the needles for entry and exit. To clean the debris, simply use a straw to push air in the water line.

That’s all. After this, your Keurig coffee maker machine will be able to smoothly brew coffee for you without any hassle.


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