Introduction to Vaporising – the way of being even more hipster when smoking weed!

Vaporising hipster when smoking
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In short, vaporising is a hugely popular way of consuming weed, also known as cannabis. The process of vaporising involves converting the herb into a gaseous state by using heat to achieve this. There are a significant number of people who consume their weed through smoking. However, it has been noted that there are a number of different benefits to consumers who opt to smoke their weed through vaporizer. There is a great list of detailing the advantages of using a vaporiser which you can check out over at

What are the key benefits of vaporising?

We are now going to take a look at some of the most advantageous benefits to those who choose to use a vaporiser. Read on to learn more.

  • One of the most notable and main benefits of consuming weed through a vaporiser is that it is much purer and certainly offers a more healthy experience to the user. When used within a vaporiser, the cannabis is heated up to a great temperature which in turn causes it to evaporate but without causing any damage to the herb through burning. It is for this reason that the vapour released from the vaporiser does not contain any carbon monoxide, which is a severely dangerous gas found in the smoke which is released from tobacco containing products. It also means that the product does not contain any tar or other harmful substances which may be produced during smoking. When you use a vaporiser, the cannabinoid content of the vapour sits at 95%, making for one of the purest ways to intake the substance. The remaining 5% of the vapour is made up from non-toxic components. All of these things combined means that using vaporisers to consume week is much more healthy than smoking it in combination with tobacco.
  • One of the main reasons that people opt to use a vaporiser is that they come in a range of attractive designs. When something is aesthetically pleasing, it can draw attention and get people more interested in it, this is no different when it comes to choosing a vaporiser. There are many other exciting features which can be found in a vaporiser, some of these include super fast heating, precise temperature settings, digital control and also an innovative compatibility with applications which can be downloaded onto your smartphone. 
  • When you smoke weed, there are a lot of active ingredients which are killed off and therefore become wasted. However, vaporisers on the other hand, allow users to take off more hits from a bowl, this means that your weed will last much longer. When using a vaporiser, it does not involve the use of very high temperatures, like smoking does, therefore the weed which is used will turn into vapour much more slowly. According to experts, using a vaporiser can be up to 40% more efficient when compared to smoking. This means that users need less weed when using a vaporiser in order to get the same level of effect as you would when smoking it.
  • When it comes to design and the aroma given off from the device, vaporisers are extremely discreet. That is not to say that vaporisers do not produce any sort of smell, because they do but when it is compared to smoking, it is much less intense. When smoking, the smoke can circulate around the home and stick to clothes and other fabrics. There are two main differences between vapour from a vaporizer and smoke, these are the texture and the speed. Vaporising vapour moves at a much quicker speed and is able to dissipate at a much faster rate. These devices come in many discreet designs, for example some vaporisers might resemble a small pen and other people may not even notice them when they are placed on a desk amongst other pens. In some cases, the vaporisers might be of a small enough size to be able to allow users to keep them on their person without being seen.
  • It is evident that vaporisers offer users a convenient way of intaking weed. You are able to use the device and then replace it back into your pocket right away. For those who use a pipe, for example, this may not be possible. Another great thing is that you do not have the added worry of the wind blowing out your lighter when vaporising as you would have when smoking. This means that you can use your vaporiser in all weather conditions including those cold and windy days. Storing your vaporiser in your pocket is also easy because most of the devices tend to be skinny and short, making them ideal for use on the go.


When looking at vaporisers, you will notice that they come in a wide range of sizes and designs. If you are someone who loves to vaporise weed, yet you require a device which is portable and easy to use, you might want to consider using a vape pen. This is because they give you the ability to carry them wherever you go and can be ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. This type of vaporiser is powered by a rechargeable battery, they are light and easy to carry and their size and compatibility allow users to place them inside their pockets or perhaps even in a bag.

As a final point, it is worth noting that there are many other reasons why opting to use a vaporising for consuming weed. One of the top reasons for using this type of device is because they are much more healthy than smoking tobacco based products and do not give off such a strong odour which tends to linger on clothes.


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