Siding Color Trends That Will Match Every Space In Your Home

Beautiful modern style luxury home exterior at sunset with glowing interior lights.

Everybody likes cool stuff in their home, ranging from the executive and modern design of the interiors to the exteriors. You would desire every part of your home to be in harmony and bring out a common elegant taste that will make you miss home, appeal to your family, and assure you of desirable confidence.

Choosing the right siding colors is one of the ways to improve your home décor and will keep your home in good shape irrespective of the season of the year. During the summers you can be out and still enjoy the beauty of your home as you bask in the sun and during winter you will comfortably be in the house with the luxury of the colors in the interiors.

The journey starts now!

Catch up with the pace by considering the following list of siding color trends worthy of considering in your next choice. No matter the design of your interior or the architecture of your exterior, these trends will espouse your landscape, hack and make your home stylish.

Light And Dark Blend Colors

If you are fond of neutral colors for your home, then it is time to up your game. It is cool, yes, and you can make it cooler by getting another color to complement the tone or getting two different contrasting colors. If your home is thriving in dark colors, then you can go for a light color and that could make a great match. You only need to find out the best color that matches your present home color. Thankfully, whatever dark color your home is, you have several choices that can still fit. If you like your present dark color but would like to try out a different match, the options are limitless and you can still get one that will match your needs.

For a home that has lighter colors, you can go for darker colors to complement the bring another shade. If you have walked within your neighborhood you might have noticed the elegance of matching light and dark colors for a home. 

“Must I limit myself to two colors?” No! You can get by on blending light shades then add a dark hue on specific places like for the doors so you can broaden the focus. For more tips on this, here is a guide of the best siding color trends with choices to make your work easier.

Old-style Texture Styles

Most homeowners are shifting to everything-modern kind of siding because their choices are varied. Maybe you are also on this route. No problem! There is a catch, though. You need to make your home truly beautiful and unique. You should make some tweaks with the material design to take advantage of the texture that comes with different materials. You can use materials of different sizes instead of sticking to materials that are of a common size. Think about how that appeals to the eye breaking the monotony of everything-same-size. 

Moreover, you can also play with different materials by trimming them and nicely blending them with the colors of your home. Using mix and match materials and sizes will bring a different unique texture that will potentially appeal to you and everybody else who comes into your home.

If you desire to stay ahead, then uniqueness and the willingness to try out new ideas should be your mindset.

Rising Popularity of Neutral Colors

Even if you do a contrasting color scheme, you won’t desire to have rainbows in your home. Be friends with cool neutrals. They can work magic. As a homeowner who desires to highlight the fine details in the interior of your house, cool neutrals could be the way to go and can also offer you a perfect match when showcasing your landscape. Remember that the objective is to match every space in your home including the landscape.

Tan and beige are some of the most predominant colors in the past that many homeowners have used.

Today, cool neutrals are becoming a favorite among many homeowners more so those seeking to highlight the fine details of their homes and looking for shades to integrate the overall look of their house into their landscape.


Whatever choices you make when choosing siding colors, the primary objective is to have a harmonious outlook for both your interiors and the exteriors. Be unique and go the route of contrasting color schemes. Remember to match a light color with a darker one or a good taste of two light colors with dark colors and that will give your home a magnificent look. You can also consider color neutrals to highlight favorite details of your home. Another commendable siding color trend is the use of different materials of a different texture to match the colors of your home.


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