Remove wrinkles, using the blanching technique!

Remove wrinkles

Blanching in cosmetology is the administration of the preparation Belotero under the skin by injection. It allows to artificially settling wrinkles, filling them with special composition.

Merz Pharma, which produces well-known Belotero filers, is considered an expert in dermatology and dermatocosmetology worldwide. The pharmaceutical products of the company are of the highest quality and are quite competitive in the world market of rejuvenating cosmetic preparations.

In a bid to look good and young, many women turn to “beauty injections” by Belotero filers. German quality is already a stable phrase. And indeed, Belotero products have proved themselves only from the best side and have had a Russian quality certificate for 9 years.

Features of Belotero fillers

So what is this line of products and what is special about them? Belotero filers are viscous gels used in cosmetology for non-surgical defect correction and wrinkle smoothing. Belotero consists of hyaluronic acid (namely cross-linked molecules, which adds strength to intermolecular bonds) and a buffer solution that maintains a stable acid-alkaline balance. Injections with such a drug not only solve aesthetic problems but also stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin, the synthesis of which decreases greatly with age. It is the lack of collagen in tissues that leads to a change in the face oval and a loss of skin elasticity. Thus, Belotero injections will not only help to get rid of wrinkles, but will also give the skin a healthy, shining appearance. And, importantly, they have a quick and pronounced effect.

Line of the medicines Belotero

Belotero Soft contains 20% hyaluronic acid, designed to fight the earliest and smallest wrinkles. Successfully handles “goose legs” and inter-brood skin halls. It is also used to blanch skin around the neck and smooth small wrinkles around the lips. It is recommended to use from the age of 25.

Belotero Balance is basic filler containing 22% hyaluronate, widely used to increase lip volume and change their shape. The gel is very easily distributed in the inner layers of the skin and provides uniform filling of the adjusted areas of the skin. The filler is also filled with nasolabial wrinkles and nasolabial folds, skin salons on the forehead are corrected. Very often the repeated procedure is performed by a lighter Belotero Soft. It is used for scalding.

Belotero Intensity with a 25% hyaluronic acid concentration is great for mature skin. The viscous texture fills deep wrinkles from the inside, allowing even deep folds on the face and “Venus rings” to be corrected on the neck. Bowl wrinkles shrink, and nasolabial and interbreed salomas become much less pronounced.

The entire line of preparations is also used in blanching procedures. The type of Belotero gel and the amount of drug administered should be determined only by an experienced cosmetologist after examination of the patient’s skin.

Scalding. Blanch (Blanching) Technique

The blanching technique (from the French word “Blanche” – “whitening”) allows us to solve the problem of thin static, and large mime wrinkles on the face, neck, hands, which cosmetologists cannot always cope with in other ways. Blanching makes wrinkles smoother and more invisible well combined with single-step botulin therapy.

This technique involves administering the drug immediately under the epidermis, using needles 30g and the needle cut is always directed upwards – that is, a multi puncture technique of administering the drug is used. In the first minutes after the gel administration, we get a skin whitening effect that takes place within minutes. There are practically no visible traces after blanching, the next day you can go to work, lead a familiar lifestyle. It is recommended to perform the repeated blanching procedure in 1-2 months.

Belotero injections need to be injected into healthy, non-inflammatory, pre-purified skin. The procedure of blanching Belotero, as well as biopharming of the face – should be carried out by a qualified specialist.

The introduction of the Belotero filler into the skin layers of the face allows you to start rejuvenating processes:

  • The lifting effect is achieved. The administered preparation creates a mesh framework binding skin cells, fibrin fibers, and collagen tufts together.
  • Penetrating deep layers of the dermis, Belotero triggers processes of synthesis of elastin fibers, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.
  • Microfibrosis allows achieving a high-quality lifting effect.

After the Belotero procedure. Restrictions

Thanks to the modern composition and the improved formula, Belotero hardly causes side effects, in exceptional cases swelling or redness of the skin, slight itching or slight compaction at the places of administration of the preparation may appear. But these side effects are short-term and do not require special action to address them.

Two days after the procedure try to touch the face as little as possible – not to apply sanitary and decorative cosmetics. Also for two weeks after the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the sauna and pool, to give up solarium, not to carry out massage and self-massage. It is desirable to reduce physical activity.

Contraindications to procedure:

  • Active inflammatory processes on the skin surface;
  • Acute viral or bacterial infections or associated conditions;
  • Pregnancy and period of breastfeeding;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Increased sensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • Age under 18.

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