What is a Catholic Confirmation?

Catholic Confirmation

According to the regulations of the Catholic Church, anyone who has been baptized previously must receive Confirmation. Catholic Confirmation is essentially a Sacrament in the Catholic Church in which one is confirmed is gifted with the Holy Spirit by the bishop through the imposition of hand and smearing with oils. This Sacrament is meant to bring the receiver closer to the holy realms and engage him/her in deeper communion with the Church. 

Confirmation marks the official completion of Baptism which, in turn, is principally the start of your relationship with Christ, the Almighty. Thereby, with the commencement of the Holy Confirmation, the fact that your soul has been permanently transformed and every part of your being is filled with God’s grace and strengthened is implied. This step prepares you to face the daily ordeals of the Christian life to gradually bring you closer to the Savior. In the following section, we will be jotting down a few fundamental points about Catholic Confirmation to grant you with a clearer insight into its relevance and significance.

The Chrism is symbolic 

Like we have already mentioned in the preceding section, the bishop uses the aromatic oil to make the sign of the cross on your forehead; however, this oil itself is wrapped in pristine symbolic annotations. Besides being a pathway of the shower in your future, it helps you exhibit a connection with Baptism- the first time that you were anointed by the same oil. This highlights a process of cleansing and resultant healing and most interestingly, to strengthen the spirits that will ward off the evil. 

Confirmation increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit 

The graces that we have been citing for so long are nothing but, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts include wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, understanding, counsel, piety and fear of the Lord. Even though one is believed to possess these gifts since their Baptism, with confirmation, they deepen and strengthen because the ceremony draws him closer to Christ and the larger picture of the Catholic community. Thereby, when you send the first Holy Communion invitation, you basically want people to participate and bless you during this crucial Catholic ceremony. 

Is a part of the Gospel of Matthew 

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is seen commanding His disciples to baptize the nations that follow him in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. A few lines later, the Holy Spirit is related to descend on his disciples at Pentecost from which they receive courage to take on the missions that Jesus assigned to them and they have feared them for long in their lives. Therefore, the endowment and strengthening of the Holy Spirit through Catholic Confirmation sows seeds of enthusiasm and valor upon you to whole-heartedly accept the challenges that Jesus has destined for all his disciples.

Considering the implication of Catholic Confirmation, if you have been Baptized, going through this process qualifies as indispensable. Hence, if you are looking forward to sending confirmation invitations and are in search of ideas, we must tell you that there exists a pool of them to choose from that draws an inference from the rudiments of the ceremony itself. 


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