How to Find Inspiration for Your House

Inspiration for Your House

Are you planning on redecorating? Maybe you’ve been thinking of revamping your home for a while or perhaps you’re refreshing your interiors ahead of a house move? 

Whatever the reason for your desire to update things, you are not alone. It seems that most Brits love nothing more than to spend their income on home improvements. 

But where do we get our inspiration from? To help you mine untapped sources of home styling information, here’s a roundup of some of the key places to look. 


This is the classic option for those seeking inspired ideas for their home interiors. There are several glossies dedicated to home interiors, from Period Living and Elle Decoration to Livingetc and House & Garden. Each offers different styles and tips and you can mix and match to find the combination of trends that suit your personal taste. 

To help imagine the look in your home, tear out your favourite spreads and allocate each to a room. By lining a few of your favourites up, you can quickly whittle down your options for each space. 


Pinterest works in a similar way to physical magazine in that you can gather together a scrapbook for every room. However, this is an online scrapbook that is packed with every home trend you can imagine. You can bookmark your favourite images and ideas and save the looks you love to dedicated boards. 

It’s worth creating a board for each room in the house and collecting images that you’d like to pin to each. For example, if you have a hankering for a pink and grey palette in your bedroom, you can store every image you find that fits this colour scheme to your ‘bedroom’ board. This can then give you a clear plan of action when you head to the shops. 


Getting out of the house and going exploring can be a great way to get inspired. Whether you’re taking a staycation or going abroad, you’re sure to see some beautiful design ideas that can provide that spark of inspiration and provide you with some ideas that could work in your home. 

Even if you simply travel into town, you’re sure to see pretty lighting in a bar or a lovely plant in a café. The journey itself can also offer inspiration. Whether you’re walking through town or taking the train to Chichester after a day in the capital, try making a note of all the things you see on the way. If you pass a house with beautiful curtains or a flat with clever lighting, make a note and try it in your own house. 

Show homes

New build property developments have show homes that are designed using the latest colour palettes. If you head to the nearest development to you, take a tour of the show property and see how they’ve styled each room. Is there anything there that could work in your own home? If so, use it as a base and try it out for yourself.


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