Ways in Which You Can Plan the Menu for a Quick Dinner Party

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There are essentially two kinds of parties-one that takes months and days of elaborate planning, and one that is quick and impromptu. And while it is exciting to plan a party way ahead of time, planning for a sudden party has its own thrill to offer. It is only when you have the least time on your hand that you realize how potent you are as an organizer. You need to factor in several dimensions while throwing a party, like the number of guests coming over, the time and venue of the party, the total amount that shall be involved, and most importantly, the food menu. Food is something that gets people together in a joyous union. Therefore, it is essential that you have a kind of menu that shall appeal to the taste buds of everyone present at the party. Your party has to offer something for everyone, even if it has been planned on a short notice.

And while it can be quite a fun event to plan and organize a party with friends and family, you might at times feel completely lost among a sea of decisions that need to be made, especially it is a quick dinner that you have on your hand. However, fret not. This article shall serve as your guiding light to the perfect party planning. Thus, put on your party hats and read on to find out some quick tips to plan the menu for your dinner party.

You Need to Assess The Resources You Have At Hand:

Your planning, no matter how sudden they might be, needs to begin with you assessing your situation. You will never understand your situation and what needs to be done unless you have looked into your situation. Once you know what you have at your immediate disposal, you can make some quick decisions. You will know if you need to run to the store to get the items required to cook something delicious or if you have enough money to order for food. Assessing your resources also means to assess how much time you have left, and the pieces of equipment you have that can ease the party. Many a times, we end up spending an unnecessary amount of money on things that were not required in the first place. For instance, you could just take those ribs out from the refrigerator and give them a new taste and texture. They shall still taste fantastic, according to The Online Grill. Thus, you can always plan the menu for your dinner party better when you have a fair knowledge of your situation and resources.

Resources You Have At Hand

You Must Lay a Foundation for the Menu:

After having carefully assessed the resources, the next step is to lay a solid foundation for your menu. You need to cater to the taste of your guests so that they do not go home disappointed. Find out what interests your guests and only then proceed with forming your menu. You might have people who cannot survive without meat, and then, you might also have people who cannot stand the sight of meat. It might seem challenging, but all you require is information. There are a number of recipes available online, that can work wonders for your quaint dinner party. With the right food on the table, you can never go wrong with your dinner party.

Finally, Build the Menu for Your Dinner Party:

So now that you already know how much you can spend, what resources you have at hand and how many guests would be coming over for the party, you can move on to finalizing the menu. You could start by having a nice soup, because everyone loves to have something tantalizing before the main course. You could throw in a few appetizers too if you have the budget for it. It is just going to set the mood for dinner just right and tweak the ambience. Also, do not forget to serve some punch or mocktails if it is a non-alcoholic dinner party. Your guests will love some fluids to go with the delicious servings of appetizers and main course.

We have now discussed at length your menu leading up to the main course. Therefore, we shall now move on to discussing some ideas that you can consider for your main course. For instance, if you mainly have a meat-eating crowd, there are a number of dishes that you can put on the table. You could have a combination of grilled or smoked meat topped with the classic barbecue sauce. You can never go wrong with your menu that caters mainly to non-vegetarians. However, if you have vegan guests coming over for the party, you might have to do a little bit of research. However, do not break your head over finding the best vegan recipes. The idea is to plan a quick menu, and if you are unable to cook them up yourself, you can just pick up the phone and place an order. With the online food delivery system mushrooming, things could not have been easier.


Planning a party can be really fun if you have some friends or family members to assist you in it. Also, parties and gatherings that are planned way ahead of time tend to fare really well. But that does not mean that you cannot have a perfect dinner with your friends and family at a short notice. All it requires is a bit of awareness of the interests of your guests and the right food laid out on the table. There is nothing that a hearty meal cannot solve or achieve. Therefore, do not waste any more time. Take hints from the article, add a few of your own ideas to the aforementioned points and start with the preparations for your quick dinner menu. With the right intentions, you can make every party a success and something to look forward to.


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