Dining Room Design Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Your friends or your colleagues are coming over for dinner and you want to make this as perfect as possible. Many people have RSVP’d and you have planned out the entire menu for dinner. The one crucial thing missing out in this plan is the arrangement for the dinner party.

To floor your guests with the dinner party, the right combination of furniture and decorations are essential. You might think about shelling out some huge bucks to make this arrangement surreal. However, this is where you are wrong. Arranging a perfect dinner party has nothing to do with spending much money. You can create an ideal setting for the party with just the right items you already have. Let’s see how you can present and host a beautiful dinner party without spending too much.

Don’t Focus Only on the Dinner Table

Of course, the dinner table and chairs around it will be the centre of attraction of a dinner party; it doesn’t mean that your party should revolve around it. People like to have group conversations or private conversations which means they will need separate seating areas. If you forget to provide extra seating areas around the room, it would be uncomfortable for the guests to just be moving around in the same space all night long.

Place small tables and a few chairs scattered around the dining room. You can have similar kind of chairs and tables which would make it look professional, or if you are hosting friends and families, you can just use your furniture from the living room like single seat sofas, tea table and a few chairs from the lounge to give a charming, vibrant appeal. Make sure to have enough number of chairs and tables according to the number of people who will arrive to ensure that everyone has some place to sit.

Have Some Moveable Furniture

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As much as you have taken pain and attention for picking out the furniture and placing it in the right spot, you cannot expect your guests to let the furniture be where they are. If they want to join a conversation in some table where it is already crowded, they must have the option to pull up a chair from another table and sit over in the place they want. Hence, it is essential to have some moveable chairs and tables for your guests to offer flexibility.

Have Multiple Lightings

Your dining room may have a single beautiful central lighting in the form of a pendant but it will generally be focussed on the dining table and chairs which isn’t sufficient to light up every nook and corner of the dining room. Hence have different pieces of lighting spread around the room. You can go for simple pendants or table lamps distributed in the corners of the room.

If you are going for a more romantic or a peaceful setting, then a set of simple candles will also spice up the look. It is cheap and yet adds a beautiful glow to the room. If your dinner party extends outside to the lawn or the lounge, then a couple of pendants or serial lights will be the best option.

Simple, Clutter-Free Dining Table Setting

The dining table is the centre of the attraction of the entire party which holds the people around it. Hence, the decoration of the dining table should be given enough thought to ensure that it is not occupying much space. It should also not be interfering with the dishes or too big that the people on either side of the table cannot see each other.

Pick out a few flowers that go with the colour and the setting of the room and place it equal distances from the ends of the table. You can use a few dishes and bowls to double as decorative pieces that add to the appeal. Ensure to pick out the colours that go with the colour of the dining table and chairs, the linen on the table and the room colour. Some prefer to have small potted plants arranged which is also an elegant and affordable option to add colours to the table.

Inviting Presentation of the Food

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The most important part of the dinner party – the food – has to be presented in such a way that is appetizing and looks delicious. If you have silverware or china dishes, it is time to break it out. People like to nibble on something during the conversations before and after the dinner and therefore, place out bowls of snacks on tables spread around the dining room. Keep refilling the bowls as it gets empty and gives a few varieties of snacks for the guests to choose from.

Don’t Forget a Cocktail Bar

No dinner party is complete without some drinks. You can have a mini cocktail bar near to your liquor cabinet where the guests can help themselves to the drinks of their choice. You can also add a few high raise cocktail chairs around the cocktail table if there is sufficient space for those who love to hang out near the liquor.

If you do not have a big enough cocktail bar, you can have a few tables and high raise stools set of cocktail tables for the guests to sit and have a sip.

Picking out the proper furniture and decorative pieces for the dining room is vital. Keep these simple tips in mind to design your dining room and host the perfect dinner party for your guests.

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