5 Things to Do While Visiting Texas

Things to Do While Visiting Texas

With a surface area larger than some countries, 367 miles of coastline, 730 airports and three mountain ranges that reach 7000 feet into the sky, it should come as no surprise that The Lone Star State is brimming with things to do and places to be. Texas spans from glistening city lights to swooping desert canyons and everything in between.

Not only that, but there’s much to learn about the famous state’s rich history, which is proudly presented within its many exciting museums. But if you’re just paying a visit, you’ll want to make the most of your time. So, where do you go? Consider the following 5 things to do while visiting Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Spanning over 800,000 acres, Big Bend National Park is a fittingly massive location. It’s also one of the most desolate, which gives it a unique feeling no other national park can compare to. The Marufo Vega and Chimneys trails are popular hiking spots, while the Cattail Falls make the base of the Chisos Mountains a magical and Instagram-worthy place. 

Space Center Houston

Take a half hour drive outside the heart of Houston to visit one of the state’s most popular attractions. Space Center Houston is home to NASA’s latest projects, as well as upcoming missions and possibly the chance to meet a real astronaut. You can also take a tour around the on-site Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. 

Exploring the entire complex will take at least half a day, as there’s plenty to see. This includes a replica space shuttle and shuttle carrier mount that visitors can walk into. There’s also a replica of Skylab, the first space station built by America. 

Rothko Chapel

This totally zen spot is rated by National Geographic as one of the most peaceful and powerful destinations in the world. Best described as stark and contemplative, Rothko Chapel is home to 80,000 yearly visitors who are encouraged to get their meditation on. 

The Sixth Floor Museum

Located on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas is a museum with a story like no other. It’s where the shot that killed President John F. Kennedy was taken from. Today, you can find a range of historic footage, photos and artefacts surrounding the event and its participants. 

While by no means the most dangerous part of Texas, Dallas is home to a total of 32,056 car accidents per year. Ensuring that you’re protected during your visit can save you a world of trouble. If anything happens, be it due to a reckless Uber driver or a property hazard, you can contact a local personal injury lawyer to ensure you’re fairly compensated. 

Texas Barbeque

Texas is arguably home to the best BBQ joints in the entire country. Head over to Black’s Barbecue for Flintstone-sized ribs, or take a trip to La Barbecue in Austin for some soulful music and a brisket like no other. If you find yourself in Dallas, then Lockhart Smokehouse has you covered with some old-style cuts.

With some careful planning, you can explore at least some of what Texas has to offer. There’s truly too much for one trip to cover, so don’t hesitate to go wherever the road takes you.


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