5 Signs That He’s Cheating on You

Signs That He's Cheating on You

Falling for someone can be a beautiful experience. While true love is out there for everybody, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves in situations where unfaithful partners suddenly show their true colors. 

Insecurity and paranoia can make us second-guess the strength of our relationships, leading to self-sabotage and unnecessary pain. However, our instincts can be the first line of defense in discovering infidelity. How can we know when to trust our feelings?

Let’s look at five tell-tale signs that your man is cheating on you.

A Sudden Shift in Multiple Behaviors

Sometimes, it’s not a single sign or indicator, but a variety of sudden changes in behavior. Is your man changing his hair style, buying new clothes, making new acquaintances, or changing a variety of other things in his life within a short period of time? This is arguably the single biggest indicator of current cheating or imminent cheating.

While it might not be time to contact a divorce lawyer for advice just yet, this behavior is a sign that something is wrong. It could be a stressful time for your husband or boyfriend, but it also could be – and often is – a sign that they’re moving beyond you.

No Longer Interested in Intimacy

If you and your man have had a consistent sex life and/or a dynamic of general intimacy, then you know what it looks like and what to expect. When somebody suddenly withdraws from this intimacy – whether it be not wanting to be physically intimate in public or private – then alarm bells should be going off.

While some men may have gradual changes in sexual interest as they age just like women, a dramatic shift in this dynamic often indicates guilt and/or shame over infidelity. They may also be uninterested simply because they’ve been getting intimacy from somewhere else. 

Unexplained Demands for Privacy

If an intimate relationship suddenly presents demands for privacy that weren’t there before, beware: somebody is likely doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

All too often, a man who begins guarding his phone and mobile devices, getting irate when you check in, or otherwise protests when you ask what’s going on is hiding something (click here for cell phone signs that he’s cheating). While we all can sometimes be too clingy, nosy or invasive, you likely know your man and the routines that exist between you. As such, this is more often than not a tell-tale sign.

Financial Obscurity

When a man is seeing someone else, there is often a need to spend extra money on a variety of things. From dinners and dates to hotel rooms and new clothes, an indirect paper trail can often be found.

If suddenly your man has unexplained debts, demonstrably less money, or is even trying to hide his finances from you, be suspicious – this is often one of the biggest signs that infidelity is occurring. Even if they’re not cheating with someone else, financial infidelity is another factor to consider.

An Overly-Defensive Attitude

People who aren’t being unfaithful tend to shrug off any accusations in a healthy fashion. While it is possible to create tensions by repeatedly bringing up the topic, most men who are faithful will not become overly defensive when accused of cheating.

Generally, if he acts super defensive when you approach him about the topic for the first time, that’s a warning sign. Of course, any man will become defensive if you continue to ask over and over (whether they’re guilty or not), so be strategic when you directly approach him with these allegations for the first time.

While no two people are identical, human behavior does tend to be quite common. If you are seeing any of these symptoms, be suspicious. If more than one of these symptoms has suddenly appeared, then it’s time to start considering the reality that your man may be engaged in infidelity.


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