Gin and cocktails based on it appeared not so long ago. But now, despite the relative youth of alcohol, this alcoholic drink is loved by many connoisseurs for its unique taste, rich and sophisticated aroma and aristocratic origin.

Many of our compatriots mistakenly believe that gin is juniper vodka, so they suggest drinking alcohol in several sips and eating heavy food made from cereals, fried meat and other ingredients. Others believe that it blends perfectly only with tonic, and therefore does not need a snack. How to drink Sapphire gin online and other varieties? If you are not knowledgeable about what to eat and how to drink gin, we have specially gathered for you the secrets of the world’s leading bartenders and the advice of true connoisseurs of this noble drink.

Gin is a tempter: we choose a high-quality alcohol

In the world of alcoholic beverages, there are two types of gin – distilled (natural), made traditionally, and drinks with the addition of gin, which have an original taste but lose in quality as real alcohol. Producers of alcohol never reveal the secret of cooking. It is not surprising that the taste and aroma of alcohol can vary depending on which manufacturer you prefer.

The minimum amount of alcohol in real, undiluted gin is 37.5%. Most often, the strength in a distilled beverage prepared using juniper berries and other fruits is 40% or more.

A real gin is good in its purest form. Still, after all, alcohol is revealed with an extraordinary bouquet of spices, herbs and fruits – lemon, cinnamon, licorice, anise, almond, cardamom, nutmeg, pitahaya. However, in cocktails, alcohol is revealed peculiarly and originally.

Suitable appetizer

Pure gin and cocktails based on it served with many main dishes based on meat and fish. Diluted alcohol in harmony with sweet desserts, in pure form – with appetizers based on uncooked smoked sausage, cured meat, expensive varieties of cheese.

What does the coniferous drink not go with:

  • with first courses
  • with cereal-based side dishes;
  • with steamed vegetables;
  • with fruits (except citrus).

How to drink gin in its purest form

Bartenders say: real alcohol has little to do with juniper vodka. Rather, the comparison of alcohol is with expensive collection cognac. And if you decide to use it in its pure form, keep in mind that the strength of the drink can easily turn out to be not 40%, but 50%.

Here are a few secrets on how to approach Sapphire gin online and other varieties?:

  1. Drink alcohol in one sip. For this reason, it is better to drink in small portions – “drinks”.
  2. In its natural form, alcohol does not require ice, but serving in a chilled form is not forbidden. The optimum temperature is +5 degrees Celsius. If you decide to dilute the alcohol with several pieces of ice, additional cooling is not required.
  3. Pure alcohol – you should not drink it with other drinks, so as not to interrupt its refined and unique taste. What do they have such a drink for? Alcohols based on juniper berries blends perfectly with lemon, olives, pickled onions.

Gin and tonic: how it should be

The most common combination is gin and tonic. The history of this drink has more than one decade – for the first time, such an interesting combination has become popular in wartime. Then the soldiers of the British army, who fought in India during the Second World War, were forced to fight malaria and constant thirst with the help of a tonic mixed with strong and pure gin. And it brought its results.

Preparation of real cocktail is according to the rules known to bartenders around the world:

  • Give preference to quality varieties of alcoholic beverage. For example, London Dry Gin is suitable. The same rule applies to a tonic. The manufacturer must make it with the name. Another condition – a bottle of soda should open immediately before making the drink.
  • There should not be too much ice. For its preparation, only purified from impurities or distilled water is used.
  • Lemon is also sliced just before the preparation of the drink.
  • The cocktail is mixed right in the glass. For this, tall glasses with a thick bottom are best suited.
  • The principle of mixing the ingredients is as follows: first ice is added (about 1/3 of the volume of the glass), then one measure of gin. After that, you need to shake the glass a little; This will help the juniper drink to open up in full force. It remains to add a tonic and a circle of lemon to taste.

Which gin drinks without tonic

Coniferous alcohol, made based on juniper berries, is combined with many non-alcoholic and alcohol-containing drinks. Here is an example of the most popular cocktails based on juniper vodka.

  • Martini. This alcohol belongs to the category of ageless classics. For cooking, you need only two ingredients – dry vermouth or another variety. Use a shaker to achieve uniform mixing of the components. The classic proportion is 1 part vodka and seven parts dry vermouth. Olives and a slice of lemon can complement the cocktail.
  • Hurricane. This cocktail is known worldwide, and its preparation is from a variety of ingredients mixed in equal proportions – vodka, light and dark rum, Amaretto, grapefruit, orange juice and grenadine syrup in a small proportion. The cocktail is mixed in a shaker, served in tall glasses for Pina Colada, a third filled with ice cubes.
  • Negroni. This alcoholic beverage is a classic. It is an exotic combination of juniper vodka and sweet vermouth, mixed in equal proportions. Preparation of alcohol is in the glass in which it gets served. A slice of orange can complement the cocktail.
  • Singapore Sling. If you do not know how to drink Beefeater gin, this recipe will be to your taste. The fact is that one should use strong gin in this alcohol. Beefeater is one of them since it has a 47% strength. The alcoholic cocktail has a pronounced aroma of fresh cherries. It comes from one part of grenadine syrup, one part of cherry liquor and two parts of strong gin. Grenadine syrup is poured onto the bottom of the glass. After that, the ice fills half of the glass. Only then gin is poured, and on top is a cherry cordial.

The combination with soft drinks

Juniper berry vodka is a soft and aromatic component, based on which they can make cocktails not only with other alcoholic drinks but also with non-alcoholic ones. For the experiment, you can mix fruit juices, soda, cola with vodka. Be sure – the result will not disappoint you.

What do gin drink and mix with? What juice does alcohol work best with? Here are some interesting examples:

  • Grapefruit splash. To prepare a cocktail that has a pronounced citrus flavor and aroma, you only require crushed ice, one-part alcohol, and two parts freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Served in Rocks glasses, garnished with a slice of grapefruit on top.
  • A simple cocktail with juice. Mix three parts of your favorite juice and one part of strong alcohol. Add ice to the glass and enjoy such a simple and delicious recipe.
  • For lovers of acidity. The main ingredients of this recipe are gin (3 parts), freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 part), sugar syrup (1 part).
  • Gene Ricky. Here is an interesting combination of a strong drink (5 parts), lime juice (1 part) and sparkling water (4 parts).
  • Citrus. Even at home, such a cocktail is easy to prepare. To do this, take in equal proportions juniper vodka, orange juice and lemonade, made based on lime. Bright and unique taste will delight you.
  • Cranberry. An unusual and bold combination of ingredients that captivated many connoisseurs of real gin. To prepare, mix in a shaker two parts of gin, one part of cranberry juice, one part of sugar syrup and sparkling water.


Do not be afraid to experiment! The coniferous drink goes well with dry and sweet vermouth, fresh citrus or juice, with cola, herbal liqueurs, champagne, cherry, raspberry and other syrups and liquors.

Now that you’ve learned some tips, have a gin delivery right at your doorsteps and stock now, this will save you time especially on throwing an unplanned drinking session with your buddies.


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