Best Places to Get Yourself Styled in Singapore

Yourself Styled in Singapore

Every man needs a good suit at some point in time in their life. Whether you want to look presentable at a meeting or attractive on some occasion. When you wear a magnificent suit, it will leave a good powerful impression on the person you are meeting.

However, you can always buy a readymade suit from the market but its fit will not be so comfortable to wear. To solve this problem then you will be wanting to get a tailored suit or bespoke suit, and finding a well-tailored suit matching your body perfectly is rare and tough too that is why many of us get stuck while looking for the best place to get suits made in Singapore. However, I think it’s your day and I am here to help and give the solution for it by sharing details of where you can make a tailored suit Singapore. These tailors will not make a new suit but it can also help you in making alterations to your suits.

Tailored Suit in Singapore: Whom to Visit

1. Mohan’s Custom Tailors 

Here, they do not just make suits that are made -to- measure, but they also take pride in making custom-made suits.

This extraordinary place was started by Max Mohan, a highly experienced tailor in 1971 both for ladies and gentlemen and they have still maintained their name, which had made them win many awards for their excellence in their field like TripAdvisor in 2017 and Certificate of Excellence in 2018.

 They have such a big name that they are recommended by a foreign embassy, expatriates and also locals. Their professionalism has made them so popular that they have been featured in a documentary, ‘The Hands That Build the Nation On’.

Not only this, they are so punctual that they will get your suit ready in just 8 hours, the efficient worker team will cater to any style you want fitting your body shape. So, get ready to experience the tailoring magic, but before going there do make your appointments.

2. Edit Suits Co.

This place offers you impeccably fitted made-to-measure suits with a tint of modern touch.

They always use good quality European fabrics (like Holland and Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna and Dormeuil) with a budget-friendly price. They are the biggest name in Singapore who are made – to – measure tailor who will be providing you a well-fitted suit. They not just make formal suits but also make wedding suits according to your wishes. (Masalabox) They serve you with the best quality product and also give an option of convenient online ordering.


Their main aim is to provide you with affordable suits made in a classic way. They style your suits as from golden eras such as double-breasted suits, side adjusters and wider lapels they will make you feel like a glorious man. When you visit them you can fully trust them for providing you with custom-made suits according to unique style fitting your body.


They provide you with all types of locally- made activewear and customized linings and all concepts are made by a professional design team. They have a large variety of fabrics available and you can choose from it, they will then make a well-fitting suit with your perfect measure.

They also serve you with groomsmen package, casual wear, pomade leather accessories and more. Their online shops give all the solutions you need for making suits and serving you well.

5. Q Menswear 

This place not only has the best suits but a nice environment to shop in. It’s a famous brand who cares for celebrities’ businessmen and politicians too.

They offer you with the best leather goods and wardrobe packages in menswear and also tailor shirts, trousers, suits, jackets to add-on in their creative list.

Moreover, they use extensive fabric choices from their collection but also give you professional consultation on what design will suit you and what fabric is best for that look to achieve.


This awesome place located Orchard road in Singapore is a well-acclaimed brand having all the International clients on their list. They are not only into making traditional tailored designs but also get the suits styled in a modern way with their unique inputs.

Their suits are also budget-friendly for common people who want a well fitted, comfortable suit making you look sophisticated. 

They offer you a wide range of products like official suits, casual suits, formal wear and also clubwear. You can also shop for their exclusive range of suits online with the pick- up and delivery option, but you can always contact them personally.


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