Costa Rica, the Best Destination to Relax in 2020


Costa Rica is at the top of the lists of the most visited Central American countries, and this is not just any coincidence. Tourists love the country because it is blessed with abundant natural sceneries, fantastic weather, as well as the friendliest locals. With the sceneries ranging from breathtaking rainforests to stunning beaches, there is a wide variety of vacation destinations and activities for you. In terms of accommodation, there are various different types of beautiful hotels to choose from. These can range from a choice of Costa Rica beach resorts or city hotels and smaller boutique resorts. 

1. San Jose 

San Jose is probably the first place you’ll set foot on if you travel by air. San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital city, and it is also the largest in the country. It is a perfect mixture of history and modernism, and there are many activities that you could do while there. Sightseeing and exploring the local cuisine are just some of the fun things to do while in the city. Luckily for you, there are also many great hotels near San Jose Costa Rica Airport where you can simply relax. Therefore you can book into your hotel as soon as you land, freshen up, then start exploring the city immediately. San Jose is in the centre of Costa Rica, and you could use it as your base camp when exploring other destinations around the country.

2. Beaches


There are so many different beaches in Costa Rica that it will be hard to pick your first ones to explore. A very famous beach is found along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast called Manuel Antonio. Its warm, blue waters and extensive white-sand beaches, are just some of the things that you can enjoy while there. Manuel Antonio also has a nearby national park which sees thousands of tourists every year. The park has fun hiking trails and some secluded beaches that you could have some private meditations there.

There is so much to do at the beach, and when you’re just lounging, you can even catch a glimpse of some native monkeys from the park hanging out in the trees. Other amazing beaches can be found at Jaco Beach, Tamarindo or the Playa Grande.

Either one, a great way to find you ultimate relaxation is to retreat yourself in a Costa Rica all inclusive resort. Great options can be found along many beaches but the Westin close to the Reserva Conchal is a ideal place to stay and explore the beautiful surroundings of this part of the country.


3. Puerto Viejo

It is a lively town located along the Caribbean coast, and it borders Panama. You will truly enjoy this destination. Its tourist demographic is mostly young people because of surfing, fantastic beaches, and a thriving party atmosphere at night. If you are looking for peace though, there are several quiet beach hotels that you could relax in during the night. In the day, you could also visit a nearby jaguar rescue centre. The amazing locals rehabilitate all kinds of wildlife in their locality, releasing them into the wild after they have been fully rehabilitated. Interacting with animals will leave beautiful memories when you go back home.

Costa Rica has endless worthwhile vacation options. When you are planning for your next vacation, consider visiting this country, and that will be one of the best decisions you ever make.




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