5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Furniture Rentals

Choosing the Best Wedding Furniture Rentals

Why Are Wedding Furniture Rentals Important?

We’ve all been to that one wedding where the furniture just wasn’t right.   Perhaps the chairs were more uncomfortable than the shoes pinching your toes.  Maybe the seats were difficult to relax into and get up from. Did you keep bumping your knees into the table legs?  Or maybe the furniture wasn’t bad, but it didn’t fit the mood of the event. Poor wedding furniture rental takes away from the magic and beauty of the event.  At your wedding, let’s make sure that your furniture choices don’t distract from the day.

 Consider the Theme of the Event

Matching your furniture to your theme is important.  Your theme ensures cohesiveness, creates buzz and helps to focus your guests.  Your décor must fit the theme in terms of aesthetics and function. The wrong type of furniture will distract from the overall flow of the event.   Sticking mid-century materials into a woodland forest wedding isn’t magical. Using basic plastic folding event chairs at a formal event detracts from the elegance.  It’s just as easy to select the wrong wedding furniture rental by function. Normally, picnic tables are great for most outdoor functions. Despite seeming like a natural option for your rustic-themed wedding, they may be problematic.  Guests in long dresses may have a hard time sitting and standing without assistance. Eventually, the hassle involved will disrupt the mood of your celebrations. Your guests may be all too happy to call it an early night.

 Choose the Right Furniture Fabric.

Fabric is important because it speaks to the style of the event.   The color, texture and shine of the fabric can enhance the beauty of the ceremony and reception area.  Fabric choice is also important for durability. Guests have accidents: they may spill food and drink on the furniture.  The right fabric could be the difference between easy clean-up and losing your cleaning deposit. For outdoor weddings, select furniture that is waterproof, especially if they will be used outdoors.  It’s one less thing to worry about.

 Matchy-Matchy Collections or Mis-Matched Separates for lounge Furniture?

Your wedding should reflect your style.  Perhaps who you are as a couple is 80% formal with 20% fun thrown in.  Maybe you’re 100% fans of a certain style. Let your wedding furniture rental reflect this.  Choose a designer that has pieces which can be easily mixed and matched.  If something catches your eye, even if it’s not part of the set, get it anyway.  Just make sure it matches your theme and your event’s functionality.

 Bonus: Accent Pieces

The best weddings intersect with the ones where your guests are most comfortable.  This means there should be a great atmosphere and comfortable furniture. Sometimes we need to turn up the coziness a little.  Consider adding accent pieces to your wedding furniture rental. Position these where they will be naturally used. Place additional cushions along a bench or swap regular lounge seats for springy ones.  Load sofas and love seats with additional pillows. Guests will take the hint and place them where they are most needed.  

 Use High-quality Wedding Furniture

There are lots of ways you can save money on a wedding.  Going with low-quality wedding furniture rentals is not one of them.  For one, high-quality pieces don’t have to be expensive. You can work with brands, who can provide superior pieces across several budget ranges. 

It’s easier to be on trend with high-quality furniture.  Take sustainability, for example. Sustainable furniture considers the materials used as the primary factor above cost.  Lower quality furniture tends to focus on price (affordability) above all. As a result, you can’t be sure that your wedding furniture is sustainable.  However, using a vendor with higher quality pieces opens more possibilities for sustainable furniture. You are able to better incorporate your values into your wedding décor.

Getting great furniture pieces also means they perform better than other furniture when used.  Poorly structured furniture is a safety hazard. Imagine if a table collapses; at best, dinner is ruined.  If a chair breaks, you hope for no injuries as someone crashes to the floor. In either case, no one wants to think about how bad it could have been.  But the joyful mood is broken. Now everyone is wary of sitting on, standing next to, or leaning against furniture.


Wedding furniture rental should not be the last thing on your to-do list.  It affects your guest’s comfort and your event’s look should raise its significance.   You want to make sure that it fits in. If they stand out, it should be in such a way that it makes sense.  If all your pieces don’t match perfectly, so what? It’s more important to reflect who you are. Don’t forget the little touches that make the space more comfortable.  Swap cushions for springy ones and add pillows where needed. Use high-quality furniture. They don’t have to cost much, and they give you extra peace of mind. Select pieces that ensure you and your values are reflected in the space.



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