How to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring?

Fix a Squeaky Box Spring

In today’s time, we all know how important taking rest is. If you don’t get proper sleep every night, you can ruin your sound health. You can also end up becoming unable to do regular chores. That is why people give importance to proper sleep. But what if your bed becomes the obstacle to your necessary sleep? The old or uncomfortable bed often makes disturbing noises to irritate when you sleep. Usually, box spring mainly causes such an issue. In this case, fixing or replacing your box spring becomes a must. But buying a new box spring means spending a lot of bucks, which is unaffordable in most cases. So, how to fix a squeaky box spring?

Well, there are many ways you can fix a noisy box spring at home. All you have to do is collect the necessary tools and know the right method. We are describing some effective ways today. You can apply any of those to eliminate the unwanted sound from your bed.

Ways to Make Noisy Box Spring Silent

Before going to our main discussion, we need to talk about a necessary fact. The main task for you before taking any step is to locate the place of the bed from where noise is coming. By this, you can make your job a lot easier. You have to find out whether your box spring or bed frame is the cause of squeaking. It saves your time and effort. 

When you are done finding the cause of the squeaking, you can easily know which method you need to follow for the desired result. We are new, showing some various and effective steps for various situations to make your bed silent.

Do Some Work on Your Bed Frame

If you find out that you don’t have a silent bed frame, you need to fix your frame first. Often, frames, not installed properly, don’t make a good combination with your box spring. Box spring can make noise when the necessary cooperation and support is missing from the bed frame. 

A common fault your bed frame can have is loose joints. You need to tighten again the joints of rails and boards well to make the frame supportive. Make sure bolts are strong enough. Put some lubricant on the bolts to let them perform better. You can also rearrange the slats so that the box spring stays steady on them.

Flip the Box Spring

It is a very common method to fix your box spring. Because of having pressure on certain places for consecutive years, the surface of the box spring can become uneven. So, you can flip the box spring 180 degrees for better performance. You have to make sure that the previous head part goes to the toe part after flipping.

Use old Cloths

You can use old clothes in this case for two reasons. We are describing both. 

The very first reason can be to eliminate the unwanted friction between the box spring and frame slats. You have to cover each slat with soft and small pieces of cloths so that your box spring stays well on top. 

The second and quite uncommon reason is to make the top surface even. You can find sagging issues in some places of your box spring. You need to locate them first. Then, you put some clothes on those places before putting the mattress. When the mattress finds a plain surface to stay, you can find better performance.

Place a Plywood on Top

In the previous method, we have said that you can put small clothes on the box spring to provide your mattress a plain surface. For the best result, you can use thin but strong plywood instead of clothes. Buy a plywood sheet according to the size of your mattress. Then, place it well between the mattress and the box spring. After that, you can find the box spring working well.

Use Lubricant as the Last Hope

We consider this as the most effective but a bit costly and hard method to fix your box spring. A user follows this method when the box spring becomes pretty much older. 

You need to flip your box spring to do some work on the bottom section first. You have to make some holes in those places of the fabric cover from where noises are coming. Collect a sprayer containing WD-40. Spray the lubricant on each noisy coil or metal for one or two times. Then, do some stitching on those places of cover where you have made holes. After that, place the box spring on the frame like before.


These are some effective and easy steps that can eliminate squeakiness from your old box spring. But in some cases, these methods fail. When your box spring gets old or gets some serious damage, it fails to work like before. You can’t fix such a box spring. The only way left is to replace that box spring.


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