5 Myths About The Nespresso Pods That You Can Avoid

Coffee Makers espresso mixed with cream and milk

Generation Z and millennials continue to show strong affinity towards coffee. Their love for coffee has led to the opening of multiple cafes around the world. It also led to more people using pods coffee as it takes less time to brew in the morning. It also requires fewer ingredients, and thus, people are starting to look for the best Nespresso compatible pods.

Yet, as of late, pod coffee is getting a bad reputation.  The reason for this is few myths that are circulating in the market.

These myths about coffee pods are creating a negative perspective and stigma around them. These stigmas don’t apply to pods coffee anymore as they have evolved. That is why debunking these myths is necessary. It is time to set the record straight as they are biodegradable, save time, and are useful for creating tons of delicious coffee recipes.

Here are a few myths surrounding Nespresso coffee pods that you need to avoid.

Myth 1: Pods or capsule coffee does not taste good

Not true! If you do thorough research and buy the best quality gourmet coffee pods like Nespresso compatible pods, the taste will not be bad.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is the brand and freshness of the coffee pod. Do not buy a coffee pod that has been sitting on the shelf of a supermarket for long. Or opt for a pod brand that sells low-quality capsules. To get a superior taste, you have to buy the best coffee pod available in the market.

Myth 2: High intensity coffee pods are best for all coffee lovers

It depends on your taste and sometimes on the type of milk you choose. If you like an aromatic coffee with a bit of sweetness, you need to select a pod coffee with low-intensity. It has 100% Arabica coffee in pure form, making it perfect for your taste. The high-intensity pods are bitter and strong as they have a high ratio of Robusta coffee.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing between these two is the type of milk you use. If you prefer vegan milk, like oats or almond milk, use high-intensity pods as they gel perfectly with plant-based milk. These two factors will help you buy the perfect intensity capsules.

Myth 3: Dark roast coffee pod has high caffeine quantity

Similar to whole beans, dark roast coffee beans have less quantity of caffeine. The light roast coffee has a high amount of the same. It happens because of the roasting process, which removes caffeine from the dark roast coffee.

Myth 4: Coffee pods are bad for the environment

Most pod brands like Nespresso manufactures biodegradable or reusable coffee pods. The material used in these pods are 100% recyclable, and even a few variations of the pod coffee have refillable options.

Myth 5: They are too expensive

Coffee pods are indeed a bit expensive as compared to whole beans or instant coffee. But their taste, convenience and less brewing time makes up for the high price. The morning cup takes only a few seconds to brew, and the clean-up afterward is almost non-existence.

Now, we have debunked these myths. It is time to look at a few tips to ensure your Nespresso pods coffee comes out perfectly.

  1. Choose the blend carefully

Nespresso coffee has both espresso and Lungo (long). Now, choosing the blend for your morning cup depends on your taste buds. If you prefer a short and strong cup, go for espresso. But if you love a delicious and long cup of cappuccino in the morning, look no further than a lungo.

  1. Choose the pod according to your meal

Several times we feel that our coffee is not complementing our breakfast. That happens because you are choosing the wrong roast of the pod. Nespresso has over 16 coffee types. From strong to light and sweet, the aromatic tones of each pod are different. Picking the right one is imperative to get the perfect cup every time.

  1. Clean the machine

Make sure to keep your pod machine clean. If you don’t, the rust and residue will compromise the taste of your coffee.

Coffee pods are an excellent find. It makes drinking coffee easier and tastier. Let go of these myths and buy the best and organic coffee pods for the best cup of coffee ever.


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