What to Feed Ducks – Everything You Need to Know

What to feed ducks

Having aquatic animals in the backyard of your homes can be a fantastic thing. But, taking care of them is also equally important. More than anything, knowing what to feed ducks is the essential thing that one must know and understand.

Unless and until you know what to feed them the right manner, it becomes pretty tedious to rear them at homes. Well, one must have been acquainted in feeding the wild ducks with everything that they get or carry to the parks but, can the same be done when you breed them at homes and you might end up wondering as to what to feed ducks? Whether it is at parks or homes, you must make sure to choose the right kinds of food for the ducks.

Know about your duck

First of all, let us understand that ducks are omnivore creatures, and they feed on several things, and if you are thinking about can ducks eat sunflower seeds or anything else, this article is undoubtedly for you. They must get the right nutrients from the food they eat. Like any other creature, ducks should also be fed with a diet that consists of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other essential supplements. With these, they would not just stay healthy, but they would also not develop any sort of disease or ailments.

Well, ducks can hunt for their food like any other creature, and they consume a lot of insects, mollusks, water plants, seeds, and more. These food are found in their natural habitat, and they would undoubtedly be aware of their eating habits. But, when you decide to feed them, you must make sure to pick the right kind of food items else, it can lead to health issues of the ducks.

Ducks are sensitive creatures; hence, feeding them the right food is one of the essential things. In this article, we have written the list of food items that can be fed to ducks. We are sure that this duck feeding guide would come handy to you when you are shopping duck food.

What to feed ducks?

Here is all you can feed your ducks:

1. Cracked corn

Ducks and geese love to eat cracked corn because they just don’t taste good; they are filled with several nutrients. Corn kernels can be one of the best things to attract birds because they are easily digestible, and also they have all the nutrients in them, which can help the ducks and geese in their overall development. So, your wild ideas on what to feed ducks can come to an end as you read through these pointers.

2. Oats

Oats can be given to ducks because oats are high on fiber, and they would help the digestive system of the ducks and geese to work well. This does not cause any harm, and whether they are rolled, cooked, or uncooked oats are always one of the most excellent choices of food for those who are thinking of what to feed geese.

3. Birdseed

There are a lot of stores these days that are into the sales of bird seeds. Bird seeds are available in plenty everywhere but, knowing what ducks eat in the wild and then getting the seeds can be quite beneficial. One can either choose to pick one particular seed or mixed seeds to feed the ducks. Well, we suppose that this duck feeding guide would answer the questions like can ducks eat sunflower seeds or corn kernels, insects, etc.

4. Rice

Feeding ducks with rice grains, cooked, and uncooked can be the best option. Rice is one of those food items that are readily available and also has a lot of proteins and minerals in them. Feeding the ducks and geese with rice in any form is suitable for their health.

5. Vegetables and fruits

Most of the people have a question, can ducks eat kiwi? Well, ducks and geese canned or are fed with vegetables and fruits that are finely chopped into thin pieces. If whole vegetables and fruits are fed, they may end up swallowing them, and that can choke them as well. Hence, when you are feeding them with vegetables and fruits, you must know the ways to trim them.

6. Grapes and kiwi

Ducks would go crazy when they are fed with grapes. Grapes and kiwi are those fruits that can make the bird instantly happy because of the taste and the nutrients it has. When you are feeding grapes, you must make sure to cut them into either half or even give them in full. So, we are confident that your doubts about what to feed ducks might come to an end now.

7. Mealworms

Ducks hunt for worms and other insects when they are happily swimming in the water. When you are buying food for them along with the fruits and vegetables, pick some mealworms as well. They would certainly love it because these worms are loaded with a lot of essential nutrients that can keep the health of the ducks and geese intact.

8. Earthworms

The best friends of farmers can be one of the best meals to feed the ducks. You can choose to pick them up from the garden area on your own or even get a pack of them from the duck food store. Earthworms and mealworms form an essential part of the duck feeding guide, and when you know about it, you will end up feeding the right food for the ducks.

9. Salad mixes

When you go walking in the park, you could also choose to prepare a green salad mix for your favorite ducks and geese. They would love to eat lettuce and other vegetables, and also, these greens would have a lot of proteins, minerals, and vitamins in them. So, your confusion on what to feed ducks can come to an end immediately.

Well, these are some of the foods that can be fed to ducks and geese without any guilt. These foods would not only be tasty, but they are also beefed up with the necessary nutrients. The wild ducks can eat them as much as they want to and can stay healthy.

After knowing what to feed geese and ducks, it is also essential to understand the steps that you need to follow when you are planning to get the duck food.

Things to check when you are buying duck food

As already mentioned, there are a lot of stores that are into the sales of duck and geese food because they know that most of the people these days are curious to know what to feed geese and ducks? In the mentioned below points of the duck feeding guide, we have explained about the steps that you must check when you are planning to buy cracked corn for ducks.

Quality of the food

The first and the foremost thing that you must check when you are buying food for the ducks and are trying to know where to feed ducks near me then, you must look forward to the quality of it. Some of the foods that are available in the market are highly contaminated, and these foods may spoil the health of the ducks and geese.


Some of the cracked corn for ducks is extremely expensive for no reason. What do ducks eat in the wild are entirely different from what you feed them when you find them in the parks. The food that they find comes free of cost but, when you feed them, you must look into the budget as well. Some of the duck food stores might charge a lot, and this can be unnecessary. Hence, this is one of the things that you must check when you are planning to buy the cracked corn for ducks.

Instructions to feed them

At times, your love towards these webbed creatures can make you overfeed them, and this can be hazardous to them. You must make sure to read the instructions first and then carry them accordingly to the places where you spot them. Once you get to know what ducks eat in the wild, you would be able to feed them appropriately.

Well, these are some of the things that you must check when you are purchasing the duck food from any of the stores. If you are preparing them at home personally then, you need not have to worry about anything, as mentioned above. After knowing the steps to purchase, it is also essential to get to know the dos and don’ts on what to feed geese? Discussed below are some of the tips that can help you understand the duck feeding guide in a better manner.

Tips for feeding the ducks and geese

Do not make them overeat

Ducks love to eat, and for that matter, every animal or human-being would like to binge on things that they love. Just because the ducks can eat sunflower seeds, you must not indulge yourselves in giving them more. When you already see people in the park feeding them, it is good that you refrain from giving them anything in excess. It would keep the health of these cute creatures intact.

Do not give them over-sized foods

Most of the people get overwhelmed looking at the ducks and geese accept the foods given to them apart from what do ducks eat in the wild. With this, they end up giving them whole food items that can become extremely difficult for them to digest. These food items can make it difficult for them to swallow, and in turn, it can spoil their health as well. Hence, chopping the foods correctly in the right size is one of the other things that you must keep in mind when you are feeding the ducks.

Make sure to keep the area clean

After feeding the birds, you must ensure to clean the area because throwing away the plastic bags or any other material can cause a lot of harm to them. If they end up swallowing these things along with the cracked corn for ducks, and this can become extremely dangerous.

Beware of the giant birds

When you are feeding the ducks, you might encounter other birds trying to snatch away food from your hands. It can become a menace because you might end up hurting yourselves and also the ducks and geese. Hence, when you are getting to know where to feed ducks near me, make sure you maintain the right distance and keep a watch on the other birds as well.

Beware of aggressive ducks

Some of the ducks and geese can get pretty aggressive when they are being fed. It could be their natural way of response, or it might also be hunger. No matter whatever it is, it becomes your responsibility to maintain a safe distance with them. Else, you might end up getting hurt because their beaks are pretty sharp.

Well, these are some of the essential tips to follow when you decide to feed ducks and geese. After knowing what to feed ducks and also getting to know the essential tips, it is also necessary to know where to find the ducks and geese.

Where to feed ducks near me

There are a lot of options to see the ducks and geese to feed them cracked corn for ducks, but one must be aware of the surroundings. Some of the ponds, lakes, and water sources restrict visitors from feeding the birds. Some of the parks do allow the birding enthusiasts to feed the birds, so; this can be one of the options. Also, you can breed ducks in your backyard, and this would give you a fantastic opportunity to feed the ducks.

So, we have written everything about the duck feeding guide, and we are hoping that you would read through these points when you are either preparing food for your ducks or buying them. Unless and until you know all these things, it can become pretty dangerous because anything that you feed is going to affect the health of the birds directly.


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