Utilising BiFold Doors To Open Up Interior Space

BiFold Doors To Open Up Interior Space

Bifold doors can add significant aesthetic value to your home. They can also enhance functionality to its fullest, making a stylish, comfortable space out of any room in your house. With so many bifold door options, including aluminium bifold doors, slimline bifold, wood bifold doors, and even bespoke bifold doors, you can create your perfect space. Whether in the kitchen, conservatory, or living room, let bi-folding doors make a statement in your home. From the bifold experts, the Bifold Shop, here are six ways to open up interior space with bi-folding doors.

Small Kitchens with Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can enhance small, dark rooms where not much natural light comes in. If you have a tiny kitchen, installing bifolds leading outside can have a dramatic impact on the space. If you want to strike an even bolder design, you can go floor-to-ceiling with aluminium bifold doors. 

Bifold doors aren’t just limited to small kitchens, though. They can make a big impact on larger spaces as well. If you have a kitchen diner especially, surrounding it with bifold doors can add a serene, open feeling. Instead of treating the diner and the kitchen as two separate entities, you can pull the whole room together by flooding it with natural light.

Conservatories with Bifold Doors

Conservatories and orangeries were made for bifolding doors. Indeed, they’re often the first place in your home that you consider when thinking about installing bifold doors – and for good reason. These are rooms designed specifically to bring the outdoors in. What better way to accomplish this harmony with nature than with contemporary, slimline bifolds?

If you’re considering extending your conservatory, bifold doors could also be a great option. Perhaps you’d just like part of your space opened up to nature while the other part can stay indoors. Either way, bespoke bifolds can help you achieve whatever sense you’re after, and you’ll have a much greater degree of openness whatever you choose.

Living Rooms with Bespoke Bifold Doors

Kitchens and conservatories aren’t the only spaces deserving of bifolds. You can substantially enhance your living area with these doors as well. Installing bifold doors in a living room can accomplish the same feats – brightening up an otherwise dark space and bringing the outside in.

Since bifold doors can be customised to fit your needs, you can create an ambience that suits your lifestyle and space. If you have an ultra-contemporary living room, you can go for minimalist, corner doors that open into the garden. Wood bifold doors can add some rich character to a neutral space or fit seamlessly into period homes. They can even suit the tastes of industrial home design. Bifold doors can be made to harmonise with your design and even enhance it.

Connect Indoors with Outdoors

By now it should be obvious – bifold doors give you full views of the garden or terrace outside. A feature like this can make any space feel more open, even on a cloudy day. If done properly, bifold doors can create a continuous transition from inside to outside.

For those who love looking at the outdoors but would rather it stay put, screens are available for some bifold doors. You can have your serene views without worrying about pets or kids getting out – or dirt and tiny insects getting in.

Enhance Natural Light

Another design concept we’ve covered is emphasising natural light. Allowing more light into a space will always make it feel open. If you’re attempting to brighten up a dark room or small space, then painted doors in ivory or white will serve your purposes much better.

As we saw, bifold doors can be installed in any space to make it feel brighter and more open. And they can be customised to fit your space to a tee.

Minimalist Bifolding Doors

Bifold doors can add more detail to your interior design or downplay it. Installing graphic bifolds in a conservatory, for example, can add character and update the space. On the other hand, minimalist bifold doors can enhance your contemporary design. Sleek, glass panels without any internal details can offer the unobstructed view of the outdoors you’re after in a modern space.

Final Thoughts on Utilising Bifold Doors in Your Interior Space

Bifold doors can truly enhance the openness and functionality of your home, as well as the aesthetic quality. Open spaces with stronger connections to nature are proven to have positive impacts on health and well-being. As experts in bespoke bifold doors, the Bifold Shop understands fully the benefits bifolding doors in your home. With all the advantages they bring, why wouldn’t you want bifold doors?


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