Can Children Really Suffer From Depression?

causes of child’s depression

Children many times suffer from depression and they would not able to express their depression with their parents. Mental or behavioral problems impair a child’s education and overall development. Then psychotherapy or psychotherapy is needed. Despite receiving psychotherapy, the child cannot recover from his mental problems due to some parents’ actions, efforts and behaviors. Some of these behaviors also play a role in creating mental problems. However, a parent does not behave this way at will. They want the best for their children and try to give. But the problem is that many parents do not have a clear idea about these issues. As a result, their children are unknowingly harmed.

‘No one loves me’, ‘No one wants to play with me’ – If a child makes such a complaint, then you will realize that he is suffering from depression. You should help to get your child out of depression. Click here for more.

Reason of Depression:

Here are some reasons of child’s depression:


Parents often compare children with others. It seems that comparisons will lead to better results. But for the most part, it causes more frustration in the baby. His confidence and self-esteem began to decline. Therefore, the child should be compared to himself, not to anyone else.

Separation and Strife between Parents:

Separation between parents hinders the child’s proper development. Because the child wants both mother and father to be together. She loves both mother and father and expects love for them. However, if there is a feud between the parents, the child will suffer more. Many times parents talk to each other in a knock. To a child, it is extremely painful because children can observe better.

Extra Observation:

Some parents specify how the child should do each task and report on each task. The child does not have any independence. Many are given so much freedom that they don’t care what their child did or didn’t do. Both are not good for baby development.

Baby Mind Reading:

Parents often guess what is going on in the minds of children and adolescents, and assume it to be true without any proof. Do not ask the child or if you do not trust the child’s answer. This leads to frustration and resentment within the baby. As a result, the negative behavior increases.

Family Disorder:

If the rules in the family are not always the same or are not the same for everyone, then it leaves the child confused. As a result, the child does not understand the consequences of a task. Anger was created in him. He does not want to listen and behaves unexpectedly. Therefore, parents should establish a definite and universal rule in the family.

Ways to Reduce Child’s Depression:

Listen carefully to your child:

To understand a child’s feelings, he or she needs to listen carefully. Listening attentively can tell about a special event in the school that creates feelings of inferiority or rejection. If your child wants to buy chews toys and other toys to play then give them.

Extra response:

In no case can the child be over-reacted. The child has to understand that this is not a problem. Also, if you react too much to a child’s actions or results or are too worried or upset, the child may find the problem too big.

Try to know the reason:

If a child shows up to an event, he may be narrating only part of the story. In such a situation, it is not right to react badly to the child. In this case, discuss the matter with the child’s teacher and try to learn about the child’s behavior.

Helping a child is better:

Teach your child to be social before attending school. Teach you how to treat everyone, how to behave, but be careful not to be too late. Teach yourself how to dress yourself in front of everyone, how to greet others, or how to handle a situation, even when someone laughs at him.

Rituals for children at home:

Help your child mix with other children to relieve their heartache. Invite your child’s classmates to the house and organize a fun event. This will allow them to spend time outside of school and develop more friendships.


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