Financial Benefits of a Movement Marketing Strategy

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There is always a formidable power behind social collective movements. Whether they are to push for a particular political agenda, protest or war, it is always a powerful force when a mass of people come together to support a particular idea. Brands are assimilating the idea behind such moments, to create a following for their products and widen their market niche. Brands can achieve this by creating psychological bonds between the target market and the particular movements that later have an impact on the people that surround them, thus creating awareness. You can get insightful ideas on how to do this from

Here are some of the financial benefits you can accrue from this marketing strategy.

Increase Market Share

Every movement marketing strategy is tied to a pre-existing condition. There is always a kind of connection that exists between or among the people of the community that you as a company introduce the strategy. This connection helps your company save a lot of money that you could instead use for advertising and still increase your market share through free word of mouth. In line with increasing your market share, this strategy helps to reach people that are completely disconnected from the conventional grid. It helps reach out those who are unable to access the available media channels

Increase in Sales

Increasing your sales is another financial benefit you will get from movement marketing. People tend to follow others that they consider influential, even when they clearly do not understand the essence of following that which they are following. It is no wonder then that such a strategy will have people spending on products that they do not need for. Your brand ends up getting massive sales from such movements as people are not purchasing your brand in the essence of it, but are buying the experience of that movement.

Free Advertising

As noted earlier, movement marketing revolves around a particular idea or ideal. It is a social and cultural ideal. The target audience identifies with the brand and feels like part of that particular company. When this happens, these individuals will spread the news about the product, consciously and unconsciously. This spread happens mostly unconsciously as people try to spread awareness about a particular event. Since your brand will be connected to this particular movement, then your product gets free advertising.

High Return on Investment

Every business focus is to make as many sales as possible and maximize its profits. The rate at which the invested capital returns with profit matters. It would not make any sense to have a product that takes years to return its events after its inception. A movement marketing strategy might not be a way of pushing sales, but it is a way of making your target market believe that you care about their welfare. With this perception in mind, whether you care or not, the strategy assists you to easily sell your brand and thus your products quickly hence have a high rate of return on your investment. m


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