5 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Disease-Free

Mouth and Teeth Disease

When we were younger, we were always told to take good care of our teeth and mouth and to stay away from too many sweets. At that time, we took those precautionary words very seriously (thanks to all the stories about tooth decay and how horrible it is), so we ended up sticking to some rigorous yet good oral hygiene practices to keep the “tooth monster” at bay. We brushed at least two times a day, flossed frequently, and avoided eating too much junk.

But as we got older, the “tooth monster” threat gradually became a passing thought in our more mature and realistic brains—until the “tooth monster” finally decided to drill holes in our teeth, which sent us panicking to the dentist. No matter how young or old we are, it’s necessary to have some good oral hygiene practices, in order to keep ourselves healthy and to live life in the best way. With that said, we’ve prepared 5 ways that will definitely keep your mouth and teeth healthy!

#1: Don’t skip out or forget to visit your dentist

It’s not uncommon for adults to skip or forget their visits to the dentist. The reasons could vary from financial issues and intentionally neglecting them to dental phobia. Now, some of these reasons are definitely serious, but so is visiting a dental clinic on a regular basis. Visiting a dentist can help you avoid and fix dental problems like trauma, decay, gum disease, and even an early and treatable stage of mouth/teeth cancer using their advanced equipment, comfortable dental chairs, and innovative treatments.

#2: Keep track of the years

Good oral hygiene practice includes keeping track of how old a person is to determine when they should start visiting a dentist. People often forget that their visits to the dentist should be regular, so they end up flying under the radar, only to show up later with severe symptoms. In general, children should start seeing a dentist when they reach the age of 1 and upward. Adults should regularly visit a dentist every six months, while older folks (especially those with arthritis) should be assisted in brushing and flossing, accompanied by more frequent visits.

#3: Stop binging on soda

Soda has a sweet flavor and a fizzy sensation that everybody loves. Unfortunately, its two main ingredients—citric acid and phosphoric acid—are actually damaging to our teeth. Occasionally drinking soda won’t do you any harm, but chugging down a can or two a day will definitely contribute to the deterioration of tooth enamel, making your teeth softer and more prone to cavities.

#4: Less sugar means less problems

We all know that sugar is sweet, tasty, and it gives us a feel-good vibe whenever they land on our taste buds. Unfortunately, sugar encourages acidity levels to build up and bacteria to proliferate in one’s mouth, making it one of the major culprits for tooth decay. Lessening your sugar intake will not only be beneficial for your teeth, but it will also lead to a decreased risk in developing diabetes.

#5: Time to throw the sticks away

Whether you like it or not, the road to healthy teeth and gums requires you to ditch cigarette sticks. Cigarettes have tar and nicotine in them, which will begin to stain your teeth as well as damage your gums. Aside from that, it also turns the environment in your mouth into a comfortable place for plaque and bacteria. Plaque and bacteria will then eventually eat away at the bone responsible for supporting your teeth, eat away at teeth and gum tissues, and increase the risk of having your tooth fall out prematurely.

The process of digestion starts with our mouths and teeth. If we don’t keep them healthy and strong, we’re bound to develop teeth and gum infections. This will eventually hinder our ability to eat and chew food properly, disrupting the entire digestive process and leading to future complications in a different part of our body. Luckily for us, all it takes to fight off the “tooth monster” is by simply maintaining a decent oral hygiene practice that even a child could do.


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