4 Tips To Crush Online Dating

Online Dating

Hate being alone? These days – in the era of dating apps, online hookups, and matchmaking algorithms – looking for a companion is easier than ever.

Until it isn’t.

There’s a lot to be said for going online to find your perfect match. For one, it’s not as risky as going on blind dates since you’d already have an idea – albeit a vague one – about the person you’re meeting.

Also, the whole process feels a lot more targeted and productive than simply waiting to cross paths with someone interesting in real life. That’s probably why couples who met online tend to get married quicker than those who met through more conventional avenues.

However, online dating is not the panacea for all your singlehood struggles. Sure, it’s a bit simpler and easier than looking for people IRL, but it requires effort, time, and attention for it to work, too.

And once it does work out, the payoffs are amazing. In fact, a University of Chicago study found that married couples who met online are more satisfied in their relationship than offline pairings. 

If you’re looking to find #TheOne through dating apps (or dating sites, though they’re not as popular these days), here are four tips to help you crush your goal and succeed in the world of online dating.

  1. Lose the too-good-for-this attitude

If you’ve been using dating apps for a long time now, then you’ve probably already come across these lines:

“I’m not really a fan of dating apps. Just curious.”

“I don’t really like online dating at all. My best friend just forced me to be here.”

“Let’s tell our families that we met through common friends instead.”

When meeting someone new online, nothing kills the mood faster than someone who’s insisting that they don’t even want to be there in the first place. So if you’re the type who likes to harp on and on about how ambivalent or reluctant you are about dating apps, here’s a tip: just don’t.

  1. Choose the right dating app.

Back in the days of dating websites, it’s a bit harder to sift through thousands of potential partners. These days, however, there are dozens of different apps available for you to take advantage of – each one as unique as the next.

There are dating apps that are designed for long-term relationships, while some are more notorious for hookups. There’s also one for every preference – whether you’re straight or a member of the LGBT. Apps for polygamists, mature couples and open relationships exist, too.

Finding the right person in a sea of single people online is indeed challenging. But once you’re on the right dating platform, you’re already one step ahead. If you really want to be specific, here’s a top-secret tip: you can do a Tinder search for a specific person you’re interested in,  because hey, sometimes even destiny needs a little nudge!

  1. Keep your bio short and sweet.

When it comes to your bio, there are three main things you have to remember: honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability. Don’t obsess too much about what to put in there. It’s a dating app, not a resume.

Of course, it’s always important, to be honest. If you have kids, be open about it. If you’re not looking for anything serious, say so.  Remember: the sooner you can weed out incompatible matches, the better. 

Also, a short and sweet bio will suffice. You don’t have to list every single quality you have, but of course, try to be as creative as you can. Sometimes, it’s less about what’s written in your bio and more about how it’s written. If you sound sincere and welcoming, you’re on the right track.

  1. Don’t take things personally.

Dating online means you’re going to meet different people. Some will work out, most won’t – that’s just the way it is.

That said, you have to learn to not take things personally. Don’t take someone’s disinterest or apathy as a personal rejection. A failed date isn’t a real failure. It only means the person involved is not a good fit. 

There you go, four dating tips that will bring you closer to relationship success. Happy swiping!


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