Why Window Shutters Are The Perfect Addition For Your New Bathroom


The bathroom is often mistaken as a purely functional space and as a result, an area where interior design and style can often be forgotten. Great functionality, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of style. Today we’re looking more specifically at window shutters and why these amazing interior design features can be the perfect addition for your new bathroom. 

Matter Designs Know Bathroom Design

Matter Designs are one of the top rated bathroom designers and fitters in the whole of the UK and this incredible team knows only too well the importance of mixing great functionality with style. From traditional to contemporary, no matter what style the bathroom you go for, the functionality should be at the forefront. Used daily, bathrooms are a room with a purpose. They need to provide you with the perfect space to get ready and start your day or even wind down after a long slog. With this in mind, creating a clean, spacious feeling is paramount, as is providing you with maximum light and more importantly, privacy. 

Made from the correct materials, the designers at Matter Designs believe window shutters are one of the most complementary window dressings available. Curtains and other fabric blinds can become a breeding ground for damp as they soak up the steam. Simple frosted glass on the other hand, while minimal, can appear to have a slightly unfinished appearance.

Made from the correct materials, interior window shutters can provide great flexibility as well as contributing to that much loved clean finish. Whether you opt for the versatility of tier-on-tier window shutters or the simple yet effective cafe-style shutters, the choice is yours but either way, Matter Design believes the clean lines and effective functions of moveable slats make for the perfect bathroom addition. 

If you’d like more information on Matter Designs and their incredible bathroom design services, simply contact them today on 01268 833836.

Diamond Shutters Have Your Needs Covered

Diamond Shutters, a family run business have been installing bespoke window shutters for over 25 years. During that time, not only have they seen almost every window style out there, they’ve also worked in virtually every room in the house. 

At Diamond Windows, they know only too well just why window shutters are the perfect addition to any bathroom. From much-needed privacy to fantastic light control; window shutters really do provide you with everything you could need in a window dressing. What’s more, when manufactured using quality materials, you can rest assured they’ll withstand the hot and humid environment of the family bathroom. At Diamond Windows, they suggest solid shutters coupled with traditional frosted glass. When made from a high-quality PVC, solid shutters can offer a tough and attractive solution that will easily repel moisture and resist dampness. 

As mentioned previously by Matter Designs, Diamond Shutters are also firm believers in the window shutters versatility, offering a great addition in any bathroom no matter what design, be it traditional, contemporary or even modern minimalism. With bespoke design from the likes of Diamond Shutters, you can ensure your window shutters aren’t just made to measure for your specific window size but made to specific style requirements too. It really is that simple.

For more information on Diamond Shutter’s incredible bathroom shutters, simply contact them today on 020 83022447.



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